A sister is a truly special role and certainly a very wonderful thing to be blessed with…most of the time!

Miss Moo had to take some of her baby pics in this week for a school project which had us looking through all our pics. Boy what a trip down memory lane. Baby pics, pics with their grandma God rest her soul, and beautiful sister pics.

As I reminisced through these I poured over the ones especially with both our daughters in them (Loz and Mac), and goodness did it melt my heart and bring a tear to my eye. And the reason for this lay solely in the silent looks between the two of them. These looks are honey to a mothers soul. The look of pure love and knowing that is only true to sisters.

Amidst all the day to day bickering, fights for attention, stealing each others hair products…these two gorgeous girls really have loved each other from day one…because for no other reason than they are SISTERS.


Sisters...thanks google images

I remember how beautiful it was to have those sister bonds (even tho mine was a wee bit rough with me) and I also know the sadness that comes with having to separate yourself from your sister because of circumstance. Hopefully my girls wont ever have to know that sadness and they will be able to cherish and not abuse the sisterhood they have. Lucky for me however that I belong to the sisterhood of women…and blessed that I have many in my life (not the same but fabulous all the same).

May we all as sisters lift each other up, empower and encourage, cherish and love.

Every sister Be AWESOME!!!



2 thoughts on “MY SISTERS KEEPER

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