I do!

Me with my Mr Omni-Awesome

I don’t think that I am biased, but many others may think that I am.  Well I don’t care about that – I have the most AMAZING, WONDERFUL, INCREDIBLE, EXTRAORDINARY, PHENOMENAL husband in all the land! No really I do…and keep reading I will tell you why later in the post. But first a recap…


I met my wonderful now husband in 2005 and was almost instantly in love with him.  He just had this sparkle that was like no other and a heart more compassionate that I could have imagined – the corny sense of humor I have learned to love over time lol. I was blessed enough to fall pregnant with our now 5 year old daughter and we have recently celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary. We had a beautiful wedding here on the coast and decided to move up here almost 2 years ago now.


Long Road in Montana

Long Roads are still worth the journey(Photo credit: Stuck in Customs)

But our road has not been easy…which is why I know I have the most amazing husband in the world…

He is AMAZING –  he is amazing because he was there whenever I needed him to be. When I found out I had a growth in my brain he cried with me, worried with me, held my hand

when I awaited tests, was my rock for me.  And each time I had an episode of vertigo that saw me unable to even move without falling over he would come home from work to be by my side and taking care of Lauren. AMAZING!

He is WONDERFUL – he is wonderful because he took Lauren on as his own. Loved and cherished her as his own. Taught her how to ride her bike. Played barbies with her. Stood up for her. Read stories to her. Imparts all his knowledge (and corny jokes) to her. Every day he demonstrates the love of a father and dad in all he does. WONDERFUL!

He is INCREDIBLE – he is incredible because he stepped up to the plate when our daughter Macca was born.  I had some terrible birth injuries and every time she cried he would bring her in to me and kept on top of all the day to day stuff around the house

and with my other princess Loz. No matter the time of day or time he was ready to bat and hold it all for the team. INCREDIBLE!

He is EXTRAORDINARY – he is extraordinary because he has endured (yes endured is the right word lol) years of my uni study, ridiculous hours, and a house full of my uni peers/friends into the wee study hours of the morning…and would again if I chose to study futher. EXTRAORDINARY!

He is PHENOMENAL – he is phenomenal because he is all of the above and because he exudes compassion, love, caring, quiet strength and a heart of gold. And no matter how many times someone tramples on his heart, smiles for another day and recognises the beauty in each shining morning. He is phenomenal because he makes a STAND for his little family unit and STANDS for all that is right and all who are vulnerable. PHENOMENAL!


I am lucky to have married such a man and I try every day to show him how much I love him. I tell him each day more times than I can count how much I love him. I always want him to know that he is all that is written above and much much more.

I love and cherish him forever.


(Photo credit: Flickr)

Everybody Be AWESOME!!!





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