Right…this will give me an excuse to do just that…in a tactful loving way…stay tuned what a ride this will be.


Reposting to clarify that it is possible…if you can dream it you can acheive it…well done Angel – read her list of awesome accomplishments so far and be inspired!


I’m not sure what I need to write right now, so I am just going to let my fingers do what they do and see what comes out the other end….

My emotions have been a little all over the place in the last few weeks and months. Some of this I have talked about in previous posts, particularly the most recent post titled “Radical Trust”. If you haven’t already done so, please feel free to take a peek 🙂

This is my fourth round of the 12wbt. I began the journey in the preseason, in January 2012. The round itself started February 13th.  Each round I have learned more. About the program, about the numbers, about other members, and most of all, about myself.

Without a doubt, this journey has been one of the most challenging I have ever embarked upon. Also without a doubt, if I had…

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Goooooood Day – fellow AWESOMERS!!!

Well that is the story I have to tell myself today…and Im sure I will feel it too – eventually! Why am I tri-ing to convince myself? Because I have had a few sooky la-la moments yesterday arvo and this morning – and flippin heck I dont care that I did because yesterday was a biggie for me!!! SO THERE!!! Hahaha LOL. Why have I had the soooky la-la moments? I will spell it out…because I probably need to have a hard copy of what to do and what not to do next time to avoid the sooky la-la causes – BAD SUNBURN (before I tri-ed and from it), SORE MUSCLES AND JOINTS (didnt stretch – not laughing now at the super stretcher at the start line lol), EXHAUSTION (wasnt strict enough about taking my super-antioxidants leading up to the tri), GIRLY ISSUES (enough said but the pill can go jump off a bridge – not going down that road, I will just suck it up and get over it), POST NERVOUS TUMMY ACHES (wont worry about that because now I know what to expect)….and did I mention a few too many Caronas’ afterwards to celebrate? No – well that I wont change because I derserved a cold one after – no I wasnt legless, not really in my nature and really wanted to remember my lovely arvo.

So now lets break down each area of this tri shall we? I will try not to miss out any of the funny details!


My transition set up

So I got there quite early to register since at every turn I was unable to register prior to the event and missed the bus. Glad I went early too because there was no waiting or stressing at this point. Sadly, after online registration closes you cannot be registered as part of a group – but that really wasnt all that big a deal since I would be sticking with the pack anyhow. A few of us were there and collected our pink stuff and headed into the mammoth rows of bike racks in the transition area and it was there we all started to feel a wee bit nervous. And wee being the operative word – we started to fret a little about not getting stuck in line to pee before we started – not to worry the lines were manageable after all. So we headed into a line of racks and hooked our bikes up (mine was like a jigsaw puzzle because the bike was too tall – insert confused expression here lol – but I was set straight by one of the officials since my team mates couldnt figure it out either lol hahaha) and set up our transition areas. Towel – check. Hat – check. Socks & joggers – check. Drink bottle – check. Shirt – check. Helmet & sunnies – check. All set up and ready! Tick tick tick tick…eeekkkk. Then a surprise neighbour parked next to us and before I could say “good luck today” I got the feeling that my head would have been ripped from its foundations in a single breath so I let that one go – blue noise and doesnt serve any great purpose at this time of the morning.

Then picture time with our coach and teamies…much funnerer time of the morning lol. There is nothing like the photos you get when a bunch of exciteable women strut their stuff wearing all-in-one tri suits, googles and pink swim hats – very funny and just a little silly (just the way it should be lol). I stole a quick cuddle and smile with my husband and two beautiful girls – then off we went to the pool for briefing – would have been ideal if I BRIEFLY looked at my darn feet! Silly silly silly – do you think I would have been disqualified if I tried to jump in the pool with my flip-flops on my feet hahaha…so priceless I could be an ambassador for VISA lol.


NUGGET!!!! Just keep swimming swimming swimming…

Ok so the long coursers *meeeeee* had to gather round to listen to the pearls of wisdom from the officials – kinda like a a bulk pack of sardines about to be let loose in the frying pan – we just wanted to get it over with. Although we were meant to go in according to number groups, we were a bit like eager school kids and all just funneled through with our friends/groups. Its amazing how many people seemed to be nervous about the swim leg – although I think I might not have just topped them all and probably was the slowest too. I am reminded of the story of the tortoise and the hare, and I am the tortoise. But in my story the tortoise doesnt win the race…in my story the tortoise is still getting out of the water when the hare has crossed the finish line!!! I mean seriously – its just a measly 300 metres, whats so hard about that? Well for one its not so bad when you are in an orderly lane with minimal splashine. But I kind of felt like it was in the hard core wash cycle of a really old washing machine. I probably swallowed or inhaled half of the water and when I tried to do back stroke I just kept hitting people with my arms – very common I am lead to believe when everyone is overtaking you hahaha. But that wasnt the worst of it…no there was something more sinister lurking under the water and probably one of my worst fears….THE NUGGET!!! Just as I neared the end of the first lap I look to the bottom of the pool just wishing the swim leg to be over and there it was – motivating me to swim as fast as humanly possible before it surfaces or ends up as part of the general flow of water around us all…a nugget. And not just any nugget – a huge one! I mean seriously people…this is not an olympic event so this is quite unnecessary. And the question is HOW DOES ONE GET ONES NUGGET OUT OF ONES TRISUIT WITHOUT ANYONE NOTICING??? I dont know but it was seriously gross…give me jellyfish anyday I say!!! And it wasnt just me who noticed – after the race other people asked if I had noticed it and I almost choked on my carona (I was kind of hoping I had just imagined it lol). But no – nugget by thine name….EWWWWW!!! Gosh I was glad when that swim leg was over!!! Out the pool and over to the transition area…did I tell you that I refrained from peeing in the pool? Very refrained one would say wouldnt one? I say this because it is a question that has been joked about pre and post tri lol.



So off I go into transition to my bike and boy is it tough to put socks and shoes on with that much adrenaline pumping through your veins – kinda like going to run of the bulls and stopping to tie a shoelace…not easy hahaha.Why socks? Well the night before my eczma decided to play up and I got an enormous split under my foot so even though it was taped – I didnt want to risk ripping it open even further (the things we go through in the pursuit of health and fitness eh?). Then on go the accessories…my pimp’d out helmet, sunnies, spiebelt and off go I – not running because clearly I was still recovering from the swim (and deciding if I wanted/needed to pee but that would involve racking my bike and leaving the transition area – nope, nurse and mummy bladder power would just have to kick in). Out on the road and on my bike (ok a borrowed one from Miss Lena thank you because mine was clearly not gonna get me done before sunset lol – think riding miss daisy hahaha). I was still very slow compared to some but I felt better that I at least overtook a few. and the magpies that had haunted our group for weeks on end had clearly been scared off too thank goodness – so no mexican hat dance upon my bike was seen lol. It was amazing to have the crowds support and I didnt feel as much under pressure as when I did my 10km in the sunny coast marathon so it was nice. Some we knew including the lovely Ruth D’Henin and her crew, and our families (although I was still waiting for the one and only Mel Hammill to make an appearence since she was the one that was pushing for us to do it – now I understand why she wasnt in it but by golly she should have been there with bells and whistles (ok she gets a bit of a breather since she bought me chocolate muffin as a cheers and oh dear I cant beleive I set my alarm for 6pm?!?!?). My beautiful girls cheered me on with Mr Omni-Awesome and it warmed my heart to see their beaming smiles. So three laps of the course and it was time to get off the bike – and I did this without falling over – yay me!!! But I walked/trotted lol to the transition area thats for sure. Bike racked and time for the run leg – if my legs decided to run? Oh did I mention how hard it is to drink whilst riding and trying not to swerve into the course of your fellow tri-ers? Yeah hysterical!

RUN LIKE A MOTHER – of a 2 yo!

Oh sweet mercy – is that a CARONA I see in the distance?

Well off with the helmet as I limped to rack my bike, on with the hat (ditched the idea of a shirt), swig of drink and off I …… walk lol. I really tried to jog at least gimpy like every now and again – but the pain in my knees and thighs were unbearable and I knew if I was going to finish the course on both my legs then I would have to be a little smart. So I walked – and loved it! I just imagined that I was going for a lovely brisk walk along the water front on any given day and that everyone else had decided to do that too – I have a great imagination. I did however check at the drink stations to ensure I wasnt tipping an energy drink over my head (I learnt my lesson at the sunny coast mara lol). So on the way back in after the turn around the wind was gentle and cool so I thought to myself – ok Awesomeness you got this sh*t so just jog it in and you will be fine – so thats what I did. I can remember which ones but I had a few songs running around in my head and I just concentrated on those (I do think a few times I may have been singing them out loud but hey who cares, I was having fun!). Then I thought about all the women (and men) I knew who had cancer, had it in the past and thought about the fact that I had overcome cervical cancer too. So I knew I could overcome a little discomfort and finish for a cause. So into the stadium I jogged, turned the corner and then hearing my beautiful family and my Goal Power support crew I sprinted as fast as my ever shrinking legs could carry me. And in a very Ally McBeal style daydream I imagined collapsing in relief to the ground to rest – but really I just puffed and panted till I could speak again lol hahaha.



So I begin breathing again, and look at my magnificent pink and sinlver medal – boy it kinda looks awesome…totally worth thrashing myself for it anyhow lol. Enjoyed my free yohgurt, a cuddle with my fam and piccies with my teamies! Then off we went for champers and a cold carona with our teamies and famz, a snag in bread (ooohhhh I know naughty lol). My sister in law came down to toast with me and that night we went for dinner and drinks at their house.

My my my my CARONA!










I am so blessed with so many supporters and although my time was pretty rubbish I am quite proud of myself for how far I have come – I have come from being severely obese (30+kgs heavier), cancer, thyroid issues, smoker, etc etc blah blah blah…to doing not only a 3km, 5km and 10km run…but now my very first mini triathlon – on my own with noone swimming, riding or running beside me for support. Yep proud I am and ready for the next step – run section of mooloolaba triathlon (as well as the twilight 5km run), then half marathon and marathon…but for now – a bit of well deserved R & R before going back to basics with the Lisa Curry KISS program.

AWESOMENESS support crew – love them x






PS: I only did this tri for the free shirt, hat and swim cap…oh and the awesome medal lol hahaha! And I won a Brooks shoes voucher too!!! Yehaaaa – thanks Suzie for sending the announcer the right messages lol.

I won something…at a sporting event hahaha!









Everybody Be AWESOME!!!


Oh my goodness I cried when I read this and boy am I gonna set a challenge of a hands free summer tailored to my busy life so my kids never have to look back because all of their seasons meld into a hands free life…wow check it out its heart warming and reassuring

Living Without Reservations

What a “Hands Free” Summer Looks Like | Hands Free Mama.


Found this on pinterest….what a beautiful blog…a beautiful list..and definitely something I’m going to print out and hang up to do for my kiddos…so glad to have my babies back!

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Well tomorrow is my first triathlon as mini as it may be…tonight I will reflect on my preparation and how I am feeling on the eve of such an auspicious event lol

Well, it is later than my proposed bedtime of 830 pm, I havent packed my bag for the morning, and my hair colour decided to spring a leak over my nice white lorna jane crop…oh and did I mention my brilliant genius in going for a walk on the rocks with the fam today that left me with pretty bad burns? Yep – genius!!!  I have however done a few things this evening. I managed to decorate my helmet (attractive stickers of fish…check out my fish post and that will explain why) – so you could say my helmet has been “FISH’D” hahaha super corny right lol. I also managed to make some signage to spur us on tomorrow with personalised ones too –  THERES A SUPER-CELeste COMING, LENAwesome EFFORT, FASTA than BELLA’S PASTA, A fanTASHtic EFFORT, AWESOMENESS…that is all!!!, Your kicking ASSphalt, Let your AWESOME off the chain, SMILE – if you just PEED!, GO MUMMY GO, Run like a MOTHER of a 2yo, FORWARD is the only way, Your corona is missing you, Awesome = u + u + u…ok everybody, Toenails are overrated,  and of course Keep calm and just keep swimming.  And I have my supplies. I have my tri suit (dont get me started on the crap sewing in that one), I have my joggers (darn it…better get the sand out of them from today – sandpaper is not nice lol), my stretchy shoe laces, my kermit green goggles, my pink towel and swim cap (my lj towel will stay at home this time), my pimp’d out helmet, my prep kit from a friend (antioxidants, cadbury choc and muscle soothe bath wash for after lol), my spiebelt, and HOLY CRAP I DIDNT REGISTER!!! Oh dear!!! Its ok, panic overted – I will register at the rediculous hour of 530am tomorrow.  So how am I feeling? Terrified out of my arch support socks! Yep…doesnt matter how much prep there is I still feel like I cant do this “stuff”. I know I can of course, I have done it more than once to practice – its just that I suck big time at swimming, and I am ultra slow. You know the story about the tortoise and the hare – well I am the tortoise. But in this story the hare is done before the tortoise gets outta the water. For goodness sake…300 m is not that far right? Hey you go swim it in a deep pool not touching the bottom. I might just have to signal for help from the lifegueards if they are hot enough lol hahaha.  I know that after tomorrow I will look back and tell myself what a tool I was to think I couldnt do it – but for now I have my freak out and phenerganed myself into an ultra abnormally early sleep in preparation for tomorrow – only one thing now to think of…who is gonna untangle me from my tri suit if I need to pee prior to the race? (insert nervous laugh here) lol.  Everybody send me AWESOME tomorrow!!!  TAM 🙂

So very true

Bright, shiny objects!

Take 21 days to create a new healthy habit and the habits you create will take care of you! With what healthy habits would you like to start the new year? A year from now, you’ll wish you had started today…

Oh, and by the way if you’re a geeky type you might want to look into tools like Habitforge to get you started!

image via Visual Inspiration: Create Healthy Habits!.

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A very good view…are you a victim or do you come out the other side?

Bright, shiny objects!

Melody Beattie writes:

Don’t you see? We do not have to be so victimized by life, by people, by situations, by work, by our friends, by our love relationships, by our family, by ourselves, our feelings, our thoughts, our circumstances.

We are not victims. We do not have to be victims. That is the whole point!

Yes, admitting and accepting powerlessness is important. But that is a first step, an introduction to this business of recovery. Later, comes owning our power. Changing what we can. This is as important as admitting and accepting powerlessness. And there is so much we can change.

We can own our power, wherever we are, wherever we go, whoever we are with. We do not have to stand there with our hands tied, groveling helplessly, submitting to whatever comes along. There are things we can do. We can speak up. Solve the problem. Use the problem…

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