Wow…I think I have whiplash!!! I will elaborate when my anger cools (or it could get ugly)

Dialogue. Speech. Discussion. Converse.


Anger. Rage. Cut. Tear down.

I have a sore neck today because I have whiplash. And I think my powers of mind reading must be on the blink. Gosh…my super human status must be a tad compromised if I can’t read minds anymore….goodness whatever will the world do???

Ok so my sense of sarcasm hasn’t evaded me just yet but this morning they were certainly at risk of being overtaken by an overwhelming urge to create mass destruction…and I am feeling the overwhelming urge to get my boxing gear out and release some of it on whoever is game enough to hold the mitts.

But my wonderful RED woman very promptly reminded me that mass destruction only causes more wars so I am now breathing, counting to a gazillion, and reminding myself once again that other peoples outbursts are more a reflection on what is going on inside of them and how they are coping with that, than it has to do with my lack of ESP. I am quietly confident that we are on the right track and that we will continue moving forward.

So what about this dialogue business? Well it appears to me that there are individuals out there that believe a gesture completely overrides the need to have dialogue about issues. Unfortunately this sometimes leads to emotionally whiplash as we try to navigate around others emotions on any particular day. This does not mean that dialogue does not need to occur – in an adult manner.

Enough said atm I know I will let my inner RED navigate where we go from here…I will just have to quietly listen to her and trust she knows whats best.

Everybody STAY AWESOME!!!




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