Awesome blog awesome tri tips…must read folks :)PS Loved it loved it loved it!!!

The Tri Road

From one beginner triathlete to another

At the request of Tam over at My Infinite Balance, here are some tips I wish someone had given me before my first mini-triathlon. I just noticed we’re both married to guys called Kevin. How random is that?

I apologise in advance if this is all common sense to you. But as “they” say, the thing about common sense is that it’s not very common and all of these tips – bar one – are things I’ve discovered the hard way.

My second apology is that these tips are all over the place. I was hoping to put them in the order you would need them (or categorised into swim/bike/run/transition) but the formatting went all over the place when I tried to cut and paste. The end result is this numbered but unordered list.

  1. I’m certainly not a glamour girl but hair…

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