Yeah that title is kinda like a sword isn’t it…well I will fill you in as soon as I am home (typing on phone in car is murder to my fingers lol)…

Getting healthy and fit…well it appears simple enough – eat right, sleep enough and exercise. Yep simple – 3 steps – cant be that hard can it??? Bulldogs it CAN!!! I know from experience!

So my blog title was less a statement of truth as it was a question with a slight sarcastic undertone. Hmmm. You see there are lots of influences out in media land and hollywoodland that make it look sooooo simple. Magic machines, magic powders, magic systems “guaranteed” to do the trick for every single person on the face of the earth. And some of them I have tried. I remember doing the gym junkie thing – 2 hours a day, hard work sweat covered…well you cant out exercise a bad diet…lesson learned. I remember doing the no carb high protein diet – sick, dizzy, fatigued…well you cant under eat a no exercise lifestyle either.


fitness (Photo credit: SurvivalWoman)

But I learnt something very crucial to understanding why this journey is not as easy as it appears in the imagination of many not less me – I WANT IT TO BE EASY…WHY CANT I JUST WAKE UP TOMORROW AN ATHELETE! IM TIRED, MY FEET BLEED WHEN I RUN, MY LUNGS CLOSE UP, MY JOINTS HURT, I DONT GET ENOUGH SLEEP, I LOST MY IPOD, IM EXHAUSTED, WAAAHHH WAAAHHHH WAAAHHHH!!!

Ok I have had my tantrum for now (Im sure I will have more…after all this journey to health has been a long 18 months). I really do sometimes wish it was easy because swimming upstream against what my old life used to be through what my life is becoming has been a marathon effort in itself and really, who ever heard of someone running a marathon for 18 months straight – not me! So I have learnt to cut myself some slack from time to time because I am not racing anyone in this journey and its not about being the best or winning any awards – it is about growing into, living and loving a life that is maintainable and exceptional.

Unfortunately exceptional takes hard work. So although I am having a somewhat slack day today (although the day isnt finished and I might be inclined to go do something), I show myself consistently that I can and do work hard to have gotten where I am, and that I am BEING IT for myself. Ok so getting healthy isnt easy – but what exceptional thing eer happened without some hard work by someone?

Eating well – it takes education and consistency.

Exercise – it takes sweat, determination and a never die attitude.

Sleep enough – well that is different for everyone but for me its about juggling sleep with shift work and seeing my children at some point during their waking hours, since all dont always coincide with each other.

I feel like I have kind of rambled a bit in this post, but I am sticking to the “Im tired” thing today lol. Tired as I am though I still feel like Mrs Awesomeness.

Everybody Be AWESOME!!!

TAM ๐Ÿ™‚




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