Lennon imagine

Lennon imagine (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I want you to experience something with me, just for a moment experience something wonderful. So close your eyes and take a deep breath in, now imagine…oh bugger this wont work quite the same on here will it, I mean you are already off on some other tangent since you cant see the words I am typing with your eyes closed – duh – ok so its an hour later and you have opened your eyes realising that this is not being skyped and no one has figured out a way to read with your eyes closed yet hahaha – welcome back. Lets start again shall we – with our eyes open!


So try to reign in your thoughts and go on this little journey with me.

Imagine yourself sitting at a table – covered in a brightly coloured tablecloth and littered with streamers, confetti and balloons.

Imagine you are looking at the table in absolute awe of the ENORMOUS, beautifully wrapped and ribboned gift that sits before you at this table.

Imagine the feelings of excitement and anticipation welling up from your core just thinking about what may await you inside this perfectly decorated box.

Gift Boxes
Gift Boxes (Photo credit: FutUndBeidl)

Imagine the silky feeling of ribbon around your fingers as you tentatively and carefully slide the bow undone till it falls to the table inviting you to tear open the papered layer.

Imagine slowly peeling the taped ends of the paper and excitingly peeking through the opening in the paper only to reveal a box.

Imagine again the feelings of anticipation as you hold the lid on the box, purposely drawing out the experience of excitement that befits such a wonderful thing as to recieve a gift. Not to mention those everlasting and constant barrage of thoughts of just what amazing thing awaits you when you eventually take off the lid and peer in.

Imagine taking off the lid and peering in to see the most amazing gift you have ever been given. You peer at this gift with immense joy and happiness far beyond anything you have ever felt before. What is this gift.


This gift is sacred, and devinely created. It is unique and you think to yourself – no one will have one quite like this one…a rare gem artistically presented. This gift has the ability to do things that no other gift can do, all without any interference or control…in fact it requires only the most basic things to function at its best. This gift has the capability to create all emotion. This gift has a communication system inbuilt that performs far beyond what we can imagine. It is also a virtual powerhouse of energy and can withstand much. In the right hands this gift is capable of changing the world around it. Oh wow what an honour to be bestowed such an amazing gift. You feel elated that you have been so blessed.

What is this gift??? YOUR BODY

Yes I think we all forget how fleeting life can be and how blessed we are to have such a gift. For many of us when we are healthy, well and fit we sometimes forget how blessed we are. We sometimes take for granted this gift of life we have been given and tend to make choices that are less than cherishing this gift we have been given. I for one have been known to have made some choices that have led me to take for granted this gift.

And that is it in a nutshell folks. Choice. Choice is neither good nor bad, choice is just choice. The outcomes however can lead you in the most amazing direction, or can lead you to a detour. Because our “gift” can also be capable of less than amazing too. Negative, toxic outcomes determined by the choices we make.

Today I choose to cherish this gift…by the series of choices I make. Hopefully there will not be too many detours, but I know that it is inevitable to make a few in this journey we call life for that fact alone – life.

How do you determine if the choice you make is a detour or not and how do you percieve your detours…

Everybody Be AWESOME!!!



5 thoughts on “THE BODY – THE GIFT

  1. I love how you describe this gift and opening it! That is a great question….a detour or the right path. If I don’t seek God, more than likely I am on a detour. I do that a lot. I’m like a little speed boat, flying around the lake. God helps me stay focused. Great question.

  2. Fantastic. I was completely drawn in by this post! You only get one life….and this body of ours is the only vehicle we got to get to finish the race. We had better keep it functional, maintained and in good order.

    I am convinced of the importance to stay on the wagon and keep plodding along. Every walk, run, swim or gym workout is one step closer to the ultimate goal of health and wellness. This shell of ours is going to eventually get the panels belted into shape. Whats that saying – it won’t happen overnight – but it will happen!

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