Vision without action is a daydream. Action wi...

Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare. -Japanese Proverb (Photo credit: deeplifequotes)

I have decided to share with you all a little insight into what I am learning in my journey to a life of INFINITE BALANCE. Some I have thought of myself, some inspired by the “mentors” in my life (be them invited or accidental), and some from experience. I think that debriefing what I am learning by sharing can sometimes help with gaining some clarity but can also help other people through shared information. So feel free to comment, share and discuss.


So what is IT? “IT” is your vision…the vision you have for life or any other facet of your life. Kind of like a road map of where you are heading and what you want to pack in your bag – those special things that will make you who you are and carry you through your journey when your legs are tired.

So how do you find “IT”? You find it by exploring YOU! What makes you tick and what is important to you?

  • When asked I said that my vision for life is that individuality and uniqueness will be embraced and peoples strengths will be valued and utilised, whereas peoples weaknesses will be embraced as an opportunity for growth rather than an opportunity for blame, resentment and hate.
  • I was also asked how I deal with stress…that is a tough thing to face (seriously question it for real)…and I recognised that I tend to withdraw, retreat and internalise but take it home and get a little “snappy pirahna” at my poor family. However I can also now acknowledge that I am beginning to move towards “FEEL IT, ACKNOWLEDGE IT, BRAINSTORM IT & SOLVE IT” which I feel will work for me – because the former just aint working for me anymore.
  • I was asked what principles guide me in life and I believe that it comes down to my belief – which can be adequately summed up in two words
  1. FREEDOM – having choice to do and be
  2. LOVE – having self love, self respect, and self knowing

Both of which when worked towards allows you to bestow the same on others.

  • I was asked who I admired the most and apart from the obvious basis of my spiritual beliefs I could identify two
  1. Emma Hutton (Emazon) – because she is an amazing woman who strives to empower all to stand for themselves against injustice, whilst appreciating that stuggles are a neccessary key of personal growth.
  2. Anyone who falls down 7 times but gets up 8 times – anyone that looks for solutions rather than excuses, and anyone who fights/stands for all that is right/ethical – two of whom are my beautiful children, and a few of my friends that have recently been through some tough struggles of their own.
  • I was asked what kind of person I try to be. I answered that I aim to be a person who is compassionate, honest and loving with the determination, depth of character , conviction and fearlessness to inspire myself and others to lead an exceptional life of purpose.
  • I was then asked what keeps me on track and that is very easy to answer – my beliefs, and my commitment to my journey towards freedom and love.

I was then asked to develop my own personal mission statement and this is what I came up with (and believe me by this point I actually felt kind of unwell…all this self refliction is very confronting – try it).

My personal avowel is to infinitely strive towards freedom and love in my whole life. I will aim to do this with the compassion, honesty, determination, depth of character, and fearlessness that will not only empower myself, but my friends, family and others to lead an extraordinary life of purpose.

I will strive to always mmove forward in life with the understanding that life does not hand me lemons, but rather lessons – opportunities to deepen my character, values, compassion and ability to stand.

Ultimately, I will LIVE!


See what I learnt this week especially is that the essence of life is not in order and stability, it is in the mixture of lifes experiences – life the everchanging notes in music make a melody – alone is just noise, together is a sweet sweet melody.Life is hard

(Life is hard. Photo credit: Flickr)

How do you LIVE IT? Well I think living it requires a moment to moment choice in following your IT and striving toward your personal mission statement.

How do you BE IT? Well that also requires living it, but is more a description of FINDING IT & LIVING IT on a daily basis so that it becomes internal – it then is who you are but it is a stronger way to be who you are because you become sure and certain about what you stand for. Because we all know that if you stand for nothing you will fall for anything.



Everybody Be AWESOME!!!



3 thoughts on “FIND IT, LIVE IT, BE IT

  1. I love this! If you lived by me….I’d like to hang out with you! You mission statement is fabulous! Life is kinda like a diamond. We can look at the beauty in that wonderful diamond, or at the carbon specks within the diamond. I used to focus on the carbon specks….now, with practice, I focus on the diamond and pray for the specks.

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