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The truth is that when you stop striving for better, when you take too long out from your journey…the harder it is to regain the level you were at. What seems like all of a sudden you hit a wall that you had previously smashed and you have to set about demolishing each brick all over. Not to say it isn’t rewarding because it may very well be more rewarding to know that no matter how many times you face a wall you will repeatedly smash through it. That is what getting my land legs back is like. After doing the 10km I slacked off the running a bit…and let’s face it, no one ever competed and succeeded by sitting on their ass willing it to happen. So I really enjoyed my run yesterday and tonight I decided to go at it again…tired and just a bit sore I questioned my sanity lol, but alas I pushed the limits and broke through that wall. Next time I run I will do the same again, and again, and again. See above quote for a better explanation, but success depends on stretching ourselves beyond what is comfortable to put is into a place of exceptional. Til next time smash it! Everybody Be AWESOME!!! TAM 🙂 PS…I followed up my effort with Bbq and salad dinner at the beach…Mooloolaba this time of year = bliss 🙂


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