For quite a while there I felt like I had lost my groove. I was slightly unhappy. I was annoyed with other peoples stupidity. I was annoyed with my own stupidity at allowing myself to be annoyed by other peoples stupidity (ok now I am just confusing myself – next thing you know I will start talking to myself – and sorry but my computer doesnt have skype for your view of my encore performance lol). I felt like I was in the 20th km in a half marathon, not quite there but still a little way to go and flippin tired.

In essence I had fallen off the wagon and those darn horses had long since gone. Because I was “slightly” miserable I found it harder to stay prepared in relation to my meals and training days (apart from my Saturdays – they are just ingrained in me now). So although to many of my friends and family I seem to have it all together and that this journey has been “easy”, I have to confess – every second has been a struggle!

But I think know that the horses are back, reigned in, and I have dusted myself off and am back on the wagon. I started to claw myself out of this pathetic rut I was in by STANDING. I stood my ground for once and pulled myself out of something I believed to have the potential to get toxic and something that looked to be pulling me away from my path. Then I set about becoming realistic as to what I was putting in my mouth. This was a little difficult because there are just soooo many good excuses I could use…no way, na uh, nada baby…not this time. So I cooked. I think I spent hours in the kitchen and came out with some beautiful meals and treats, of which I will begin to share with you as I get the opportunity to.

As for my training I have really knuckled down and gotten harder on myself so I can achieve what I want to achieve. After all, I am not going to complete a triathlon, half marathon, or full marathon by running and training these measly little distances. I will only achieve these things by pushing further that I have ever pushed before. I did it in swimming last week. And I did it on Saturday in running.

Tonight was somewhat a bit of a reminiscent run for me. I managed a reasonably easy 6 kms (pffft…never thought easy, run and 6kms would go in the same sentence lol), and as I ran the boardwalk near the beach I remember not that long ago doing the same with my PT Marcus ( (!/pages/Live-It-Up-Personal-Fitness/163362763799077?fref=ts) (just a shout out not a paid plug), and struggling to run/jog for 7 minutes. That was only a few months ago. Just over a year ago walking briskly for 5 minutes would have made me out of breath.

Still got a good workout

On an added note.

I bought my first pair of heels (real ones with pointy ends and a thin heel).

And I wore them with ease!

Everybody Be AWESOME!!!



3 thoughts on “GROOVE IS IN THE HEART

    • Yeh boi!!! Im back and more lethal than before!!! Already I have done two awesome runs this week and are brainstorming up a cyclone! Cant wait for our next mumprenuers coffee with Gloria!

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