Wow…I just realised today that I have reached a milestone of sorts…not complete but nor will it ever be!

Today I can proudly say that the nicotine monster is fast becoming part of some distant past that I struggle to sympathise with. This monster haunted me for far too many days and just gave me an extra lame excuse as to why I couldnt get healthy and fit.

You see today it has been 300 DAYS SINCE I QUIT!!!

I have no regrets about this and there are many things that helped me get to this point. I previously smoked for over 15 years and did so knowing that I was asthmatic and knowing that I wasnt taking the advice I was plugging to my patients. And that I hated more than anything!!! How could I as a nurse profess to be working in the interest of the people I looked after if I couldnt live what I was teaching? Really it is quite rediculous that even thought I have held the hands of those dying with cancer – and the youngest was just a mere 30yo – that I struggled for so many years to punch this monster in the face and tell it to f*^! off!!!

So how did I do it? Well I was sick…I had cancer, and a multitude of other things, and was really over my body paying the price for my choices. So my Dr told me about a fantastic antioxidant supplement that made me feel better and suddenly my cancer disappeared! But little did I know the detoxing that was going on under the surface…so one day I just decided to stop making excuses for why I didnt give up…and I stopped! Boy was I waiting for the withdrawals to kick in like they had every other time I had attempted to quit…and I waited, and waited…and nothing! No coughing, withdrawals nothing! Apparently my body had detoxed so much (and my asthma had already disappeared) that there was nothing to really get rid of. For the mind stuff I was not too bad but I read Alan Carrs The Easy Way To Quit in the second month of quiting just to be sure…and I havent looked back.

Am I happy…oh yeah I am! I am doing things now I thought not possible before and enjoying and cherishing life for the precious gift that it is. In fact today we got in the car and went for a drive – we did laps at the pool, visited the church we got married in, and followed the kids random directions in the car which led us to a forest – which we bounded through…so yeah life is AWESOMENESS central folks!!!

Everybody Be AWESOME!!!



2 thoughts on “CHEERS!

  1. Congratulations!
    I know how hard it is to give up smoking. I gave it up 18 years ago, and it was a battle, particularly the first 3 days. I have never smoked since. Each day it gets easier. Before you know it you will get through a whole day, then week, then month, then year without thinking about smoking.
    And you will be regaining so much of your health.

    • Thankyou! Actually this time (I gave up over 300days ago now) I actually didnt get any cravings at all…guess it was just the right time along with my other little helps…but no replacement therapy at all so chuffed (pardon the pun) with that. 300 days smoke free has been absolute bliss and I am so glad I did it. If only we could know what a difference it will make when we are actually smoking…people would give up quicker – but alas that knowing is just as it is…something experience itself can only teach.

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