Wow…dont we all just love or hate Dr Phil with a passion…I think many people sway either way on this – but seriously, this post is SOOO NOT about Dr Phil! More about his favourite saying “keep it real” “be real” “tell it like it is”.  Hmmmm…bit scary to think of actually putting this into practice in a total way isnt it…I bet a few of you are even just a little bit apprehensive as to what I will delve into, arent you? In the very near future that may very well be the case (dont worry I wont reveal names).

Now why am I harping on about reality? Well it is because I feel like I am being pulled towards this direction for a little while, and because I have recently read blogs where other amazing women are feeling empowered enough to just reveal all…and good on you for doing that.  It still doesnt make it any more scary though does it?

Why is revealing truths, keeping our lives real and being open and transparent so scary anyway? I for one know why because I have lots of experience with it…want to know???  Its because WE CARE!

WE CARE what people think about us

WE CARE about whether we will “fit in”

WE CARE about being accepted

WE CARE  about getting love, joy and happiness

But really for those that really matter in our lives this stuff is something that comes part and parcel with wonderful relationships – and in essence we should not be worried with other peoples opinions of us.

So what stuff do you care about that stops you from being the authentic you, the you that isnt afraid to stand for something, the you that is comfortable and accepting of yourself, the you that has a direction that is uniquely you?

Everybody Be AWESOME!!!



2 thoughts on “PHIL IT UP

  1. Guess what? I like dr Phil! It’s important to be authentic….and by being authentic…you are being real….AND with all the yuck in this world that we have to put up with, the majority of people we find that we associate with, want and expect us to be real with them. If your butt is too big for an outfit that your wearing….all I promise is that I am going to be diplomatic!!!

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