What happened to my ten days off?!?!?

Am I the only one who experiences the phenomena of stolen/missing holidays?

Days off woo hoo. So exhausted sleep ensues. Feel compelled to do something extraordinary.  Feel tired because you did “stuff”. Feel guilty for not doing more. Get to your last day and realise there is sooo much left to do.  Feel the need to apply for more holidays.  Sigh at the unfairness of it all.

Hmmmm…ok this post is gonna need to be a bit more specific so stay tuned!

Well…after going from being tired, unwell, sick, overweight blah blah blah – to energetic, work work work, train train train, life in motion kind of lifestyle with no real holidays for 9 months…I FINALLY took 10 days off.

I counted down the days till I could sit back and kick back…I imagined days by the beach (since that is where we live), cold bevvy, kids building sandcastles, first cooling splashes in the salt water…maybe some training every day to put a boot into my regime leading up to this tri…maybe some leisurely catch up with friends, a mountain or two…HOLD UP SWEETHEART – WHAT DID YOU THINK YOU WERE GETTING A MONTH??? WHATEVS (lol)

Nope, no way, nada, no go…bwahahaha….no way was that even gonna happen despite me wanting it so bad and planning for the same. Quite the opposite actually happened.  Firstly Miss 12 arrived back from camp with feet covered in blisters/friction burns that could curl your toes…which put a stop to all beach and sand activity because they were so severe. Secondly, who knew my body had a mind of its own? Yep…in fact my body and mind decided that because I had neglected to listen to it for so long it was going to take over and pin me to the floor – yep thats another two days gone. Thirdly, I was so exhausted I could barely muster a walk let alone a run, a mountain or some hard core training!!! Pffffttt!!! Fourthly a leisurely catch up with friends would have happened but I had so many to see I barely had an hour with each of them in the two days I was in Brisbane.

Just when I thought I was going to have a restful last few days I realised that there was a LIST that didnt get a look in or even a fond mention hahaha. See Miss 12 also lost money and MY CARD! on her last few hours of camp so we had to hurrily transfer all our funds into another account to avoid anything happening to it. And since it is my account I really have to find some time around my work hours to get a new one sorted…took me longer than it should have grrrr. And I have just remembered that I have 5 study modules to complete and send off in the next 8 weeks…..


But isnt it the way though that no matter how we do and do not schedule our holiday time, we always seem to have not rested enough or not done enough – either way we dont win and really….why do we put so much pressure to acheive during our time of supposed rest? Guess it is how we are conditioned – and maybe that is no longer a good enough excuse….

…now to plan my next holiday???

Everybody Be AWESOME!!!



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