Yep…dont know how I manage…such a tough life I lead…this is the view of where I walked today. Really I feel very blessed to live in such an amazing place



There is only 25 sleeps until my first triathlon. And although it is only a mini (I am tri-ing for the long of 300m swim, 9km bike, 3km swim)…it will be the first time doing an event of this type. Just a tad daunting since I have only just gotten a handle on running (as slow as it is lol). So I ask myself if I have been TRI-ING hard enough in my training leading up to it. And I am afraid my answer is a big fat dirty NO!!!

I dont think it has been lack of motivations because making it publicly known that I am doing this event is motivation enough.  I think my main factor has been the ridiculous work hours and family hours I keep. It certainly hasn’t been a walk in the park thats for sure. Between that and my bleeding feet (eczma) and hands and very little sleep I u derestimated the time it would take to be ready for this event.

Will I take my eye off the prize of being able to say I did it? Hell no!!! In fact I dont give two cows in a tulip field if I come in last…as long as someone has a nice cold Carona and lime waiting for me Hahaha. The reason I dont care is because primarily I am happy to be able bodied enough to do these things…especially since I was a woman with not enough steam to make a five minute power walk without the need for a stand by ambos (lol) just over a year ago. Nope I will proudly drag my ever shrinking butt over that finish line to my awaiting family and friends. My wonderful husband and children are among my biggest supporters and I know they are proud of how far I have come and they aspire to do great stuff now too. In fact hubz told me the other day that he would like to run the half marathon with me next year (yeah just so he can beat me…Hmmm might have to sneak in a bit more training lol), and both my girls enjoy running with me too.

So my aim these next few weeks is to prepare a little more physically bit also to prepare mentally too…which will mean not allowing others to contaminate my bubble. I started today with a pretty decent walk (maybe about 10kms?) some flat some graduated. It was lovely though I didn’t run much of it.

So by all means if you are down at the sunshine coast pink triathlon cheer cheer cheer…its for a cause and will be awesomely empowering for all the women that are entering. Now to bide my time til my one piece tri suit arrives….complete with my nickname “sunny” on the back…yahhhh too exciting!!!

Everybody Be AWESOME!!!


PS…stay tuned soon for my next post “Great men and who has them – me!” & “Evil step-parents – I am one” 😛


It feels like forever since I have been a mamma! And I mean exactly that…I dont mean since I became a mamma…I really do mean since I have BEEN a Mamma. I know that I am a Mamma Bear but since Mr Omni-Awesome was made redundant much earlier in the year I have needed to step into the role of main bread winner. Dont get me wrong I am happy to because Mr O-A has supported me through uni, cancer blah blah blah…and thats what united fortresses do (more on that in a later blog). But it has taken a toll in the mummy department and I feel like a few of my juggling balls have dropped.

It has been a long time between specific mamma time with my girls and hubz does alot of the “mamma” jobs for me (yes politically incorrect but hey they were my thing before). Jobs like homework, teacher interviews, tuckins, bedtimes, showers…you get the point. And secret is…I MISS IT!!!  As exhausting as it can be it is special and filled with memorable moments that I merely now experience remotely through second had accounts instead of first hand being there.

But today….ta da….I had a mamma bear day and totally loved it…and I haven’t lost all those mamma bear girly instincts/skills either…(oops coffee is here and fellow mamma bear is here so stay tuned for finish)…

Ok coffee finished lol.

So I went to training this morning (although I was far from performing well…Hmmm…more about how Im going to tackle the next four weeks leading to my first tri later). Then after hubz dropped Miss 5 off to me her and I headed to the beach for a coffee…hand in hand…and played in the park together, swinging together, and laughing together. Then we went shopping for – nail polish. And we got a few other essentials on the way. We even spent a few dollars on some bargain books…a nelson Mandela for me and Goldilocks for the wee one. We grabbed a bite to eat before we then headed to a park to read under a tree and play. We came home in just enough time to paint our nails a fiery red before hubz got home from work.
Boy did I have a fab day with my princess…and I even got to debrief with my marvelous, mischievous mum friend…oh wow…perfect day!



(Photo credit -runningfuel google images)

Sticks and stones may break their bones But scars from emotional abuse may never heal. Food for thought???

Make no mistake…my girls are my reason for all I strive for in life. And make no mistake, when you attack a child either physically or emotionally….you are changing who they are forever – all children deserve the unconditional love and sense of being a cherished child of God, not an inconvenience, or less important, or inferior, or any less than what they are. They deserve to dance, and sing, and laugh, and feel like the world is a canvas and much is possible. Who are you to steal that away from them to prove a point to makes yourself more important.

Always remember to be nice to children…because one day they will either be a choosing your nursing home, working in one, or both.