I have begun to discover lately, more than ever before, that despite losing such a significant amount of weight and size (I know it is well over 30kgs lost but cant give a certain number since scales and measuring is no longer a feature at this stage), I still feel like my body is the same “before” size.

True story…

I went into a major department store and decided since there were sales I would buy a few much needed items. Quite essential really because no one wants to see my jeans falling around my ankles because they are far too loose!  So I go to a rack of jeans (in the normal size range…although my inner magnet was drawing me to the “big girl” jeans…errrhhhmmm), and pick up two sizes…the smaller one because “well maybe I have lost more size and will git into them?” and the larger ones because “you cant possibly fit anything smaller”.  Anyways I go into the dressing rooms secretly willing either pair to fit somewhat ok…and…..hey presto – the smaller ones fit?!?!? WTF? Must have the sizing wrong on the tag…I cant possibly fit that? But alas Mr O-A assures me that yes it does fit me and that I should buy it.  So I did. Period. And I wore those small jeans…quite well in fact.

So did I feel any thinner…NOPE!!! I did google this and apparently it is a term called “PHANTOM FAT”…apparently not unlike a phantom limb – when someone loses a limb they still feel like it is there, because your mind is soooo used to acting and reacting in a particular way that when one of the variables is removed it becomes a whole new ball game and the brain has to catch up to the changes.

So one of the ways to target this is to have comparable photos of your change and that is exactly what I will do


Last three pics are from last 18 months


Me today


Everybody Be AWESOME!!!



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