Being on the southside for two days has highlighted a few points of u-inspiration in regards to fitness…we always talk about what inspires us to get fit, exercise, be healthy and active and mine are more so evident now.
..but what is un-inspiring and how do we tackle or overcome these elements?

When I get back to a real computer rather than my still-cracked smartphone, I will complete this blog…in the meantime…share your inspirations or u-inspirations…

Righto – now that I am back I can attend to the issue of un-inspirations.


So when on the southside I decided I would make the most of being back in the area of our old home and go for a run with Mr O-A to the shops for some milk and eggs etc before brekky.  Perfect opportunity really since we stayed at my folks house and the kids were still in bed or snuggled on the couch with nanny and granddad…after all its not often we have someone to watch the kids to get some “us” time together since we live a further distance than before to most of our “babysitters/childspoilers” (yes nanny/granddad/auntb&uncC I am talking about you!!! LOL).

Awake. Running gear on. Shoes on. Water bottle. Walk out to main road. Start to warm up in a walk. Start to…..walk.  Tried a little running. Stopped running and walked. Coughed and spluttered a little. Breathed in the car fumes. Wow….so thats what its like to suck gas?!?. Listened to the soothing distracting noise of traffic zooming past. Admired the dry piled up cut grass in the field. Hmmmm…noticing that I may be a tad out of place being the only one (apart from hubz) out run/walking. Gazing at the crystal clear water brown mucky river water. Ok…UNINSPIRED.

I kind of get now why I found it sooooo difficult to muster up the enthusiasm when I lived there…I know I am sounding a little lot spoiled right now but seriously – it is SOOOO much easier for me (girl who was almost born at the beach but was torn away to the suburbs) to exercise and be active in an environment that inspires me.  Im sure that the beach isnt for everyone, and that some people actually feel at home amongst the suburbs…but certainly that is not me! Maybe I will do some more suburb runs however, just to get a little more self-discipline in training in less than ideal conditions or environments.

Back home I made up for my UN-INSPIRING run by having a light run around the base of Mt Tibrogargan (ok I did go part the way up the summit path but just to tucker out my dad who is always up for a challenge – but who was the one who called the uphill climb off only 1/5 the way up lol) which was a leisurely 3kms through dappled sunlight, surrounded by ferns and old trees. It gave me a good workout however and got me back to my “peak a week” groove. And tomorrow I will probably go get some beach action just because I can and just because Miss 5 wants to build sandcastles – so who wouldnt be INSPIRED by that?

A photo of Mount Tibrogargan, taken from a mov...

So share with me please

  • what inspires you?
  • what un-inspires you?
  • how do you overcome un-inspiration?

I would love to hear your experiences – whether it be running or walking…

Everybody Be AWESOME!!!



3 thoughts on “UN-INSPIRED

  1. Hmmm I need some of your energy and INspiration! Firstly let me say, good on you!!! I was like you once, all gung ho, but I kind of lost my mojo somewhere along the line, somebody kicked me while I was down a few times and I’ve been struggling a wee bit to get back up, that said, I want to! I see the odd glimmer where/when it’s back! But I need some tips on how you began your journey! Secondly, thank goodness for this post, because I thought I was losing my mind…I am NOT inspired to exercise where I live at all! Period! I hate walking in this neighbourhood and I have zero interest in driving miles to achieve it. Even though the beach is my place and we have one ten minutes away I don’t want to walk there either. It’s this whole area basically! I know we need to move, but still I hang on!!! We need to chat Tam! 🙂 lol I need all the help I can get!!!

    • I am glad that myloma blog resonates with people. Yes I sometimes have a wee bit of trouble with my mojo sometimes…occasionally it will fall round my ankles and try to trip me over. How I started is a bit of a story so this afternoon I promise to dedicate a blog post to it and detail how exactly I keep my mono above my knees lol…never thought of detailing it but certainly a good idea and will be helpful to me too when I have a bad day to go back and remind myself.

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