Hello there Awesomers!

I know it has been a few days since I have written my own blog (thanks to those wonderful bloggers with awesome content I have been able to reblog), so I have decided that tonight (or this morning since it is actually after 1am) I will put pen to paper – ok fingers to keypad lol.

The reason I have been getting a little further between blogs is because of the “feather, rock, truck” phenomenon (thanks Emazon). This is where life will get your attention when you cease to listen to the subtle reminders of which way to go or what your body is telling you about how you are travelling. And I hate to say it but I have been rather ignorant of my body’s cues of late.

featherfeather (Photo credit: n0rthw1nd)

Now you can be reminded with either a feather, a rock or a truck…until you start listening and getting the message so here is what I failed to listen to:


Alright so a feather is that gentle feeling that is meant to just gently remind you that maybe you are either going in the wrong direction, you have missed something, or there is something you can do better.  In hindsight I realise that my feather probably was landing in my lap about 2 weeks ago when I began to get more sleepy each day after I finished work.  Most people would say

that it is understandable with the job that I do…but I normally can work, train and run after the kids and Mr O-A these days and still have some reserves. This normalcy started to wane and I ignored it and forged forward.


Bonsai Rock Lake Tahoe IVRocks are those strong feelings,

signs/symptoms that alert you to something serious but you ignore them all the same despite the little memories they leave behind (a little like bruises) that remind you that action needs to be taken – but sometimes we find clever ways to intermittently forget/push aside these rocks.  My rocks started flying at me about a week ago when my mental resolve to my lifestyle choices began to become more difficult to maintain, and my body started to feel the brunt of no rest!  For the first time in a long time my hip flexors began to flare up, my shin splints began to cuss me and my healed torn adductor started to remind me of the last time I pushed too far.  And still I forged ahead and ignored these rocks!!!


日本語: Road train 2001

My flippin big truck hit me on Monday when my body and mind refused to play and left me mostly unconcious for the day apart from the little lunch and dinner wakings which did little to boost my energy. I have honestly never felt that tired before in my life and hope to never feel that again!!! It was like my body and mind had checked out without my consent and there was not a thing I could do but to go with it.  Very scary for someone who just goes, goes, goes. My husband and children were more than a little concerned thats for sure…and lucky I have such wonderful family because my girls behaved beautifully (or so I am led to believe since I wouldnt have heard sirens even)…and they took it very well that I could do nothing for them or be nothing for them for the day.

Fast forward to today and although I am still pretty tired and did sleep in a wee bit this morning…I have managed to achieve alot more.  In fact I managed to glue all my baby’s school pictures in the Art Folio that I keep everything in…and I also managed to cook an amazing dinner full of fresh healthy ingredients that my family just adored – yummo!!!

So I think I will take it easy this week and be a little selfish with my time and my activities and allow the truck to go back to where it came from hahaha.

Feel free to share your feather, rock, truck moments with me and how you managed to bring yourself back…

Everybody Be AWESOME!!!




    • Thank you sooo much…what an honour!!! Makes me glad I decided to blog as it was really an either way thing as to whether I would, and I like to keep it as real as possible without being “too real” (which would make it even more authentic but I dont think the world is ready for it yet lol so I will contain myself hahaha). It has certainly been worth the ride…have already learnt much since starting. I too love your blog and find your posts both enlightening and insightful…thankyou for your contribution to my journey 🙂

  1. Seems like your time off came at the right time for you Infinite Balance. I can relate well to this because I have been in the feather rock stage for quite some time then the semi hit out of nowhere a few days ago BAM and I have a made a (huge to me) choice, or should I say pledge to try this new thing for 1 month and see how I go. I am keeping track of day to day events and will start to blog about it soon…just a bit busy with an essay at the moment.

    • Yes those semi’s hit pretty hard dont they…still dont know if I am mended yet but I am thinking it is a longterm gradual thing. Cant wait to read whats been happening on your journey and about your “pledge”…intriguing for sure!

  2. my truck moment (a life changing second that put it ALL into perspective…….) It was about 3 years ago, I was putting washing into the washing machine, feeling exhausted, looking like $h!t, had just got the baby to sleep, the other 2 boys outside playing and Miss stood in the door way of the laundry watching every move I made and said to me “Mum what do you want to do when you grow up? I want to be just like you when I’m older” well that to me was absolutly heartbreaking………… now don’t get me wrong, I love my children and I could NEVER change the life I have, but I was 24years old, never finished highschool, going through a pack of 30 smokes a day and the only thing I had even had a half arsed attempt at doing was selling AVON (and I gave that up because it was getting “too hard”)…………. in short – I left school got married and stayed at home having babies while hubby was upset at missing his babies grow up while going to a job he HATED with a passion just to provide for us. I am now only a year off finishing uni and hubby is enjoying seeing our children grow. It hit me like a semi, but life is looking up, and Miss still wants to be just like Mummy – the only difference is I now I am proud that she wants to be like me, not frightened.

    • I am such a proud aunty…even before you decided to study nursing I was proud of the person you are. You are a compassionate, soulful mother who is amazeballs at anything and everything she sets her mind to. Your passion for life and your passion for doing what is right and STANDING for what is right has always inspired me. You are amazing no matter what you do and your children are extraordinarily blessed to have you to look up to xxx

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