Welcome home baby


Yep…after 5 days away from me I was happy to welcome my baby back safe and….wtf?!?!? Yes you got it right…my child has two completely ruined feet (and I have only one week of work in the past 9months to do…oh movies on the couch coz she can barely walk!!!), and I have just spent 1 hr of her un screaming tears ready to puke from the pain, redressing these babies because the initial dressing saw micropore tape being stuck straight onto the open wound which has been pulling for 24 hrs….let’s just say this is one unhappy mummy atm arrggghhhh!!!


4 thoughts on “Welcome home baby

  1. eewwwww!! thankfully the blisters were well covered last night or I may have puked up my Chicken a la King and Chocerry Trifle. Yes you missed a spectacular but very unhealthy dinner…my cholesterol just went through the roof. Only eating veg entire week…yeah right!!

    • Were you planning on veg all week with a chef husband? Pfffttt…you didn’t stand a chance lol. Yes although i was sad last night to not get a take home bag I was grateful this morning when I was sweating and working my tooshy off at training lol…missed the catch up though x

    • That was after 24hrs…poor thing can barely walk today and is in so much pain that I just took her to dr for review…new dressings with forte strength burn cream…let’s just say the cost of her these is now creeping close to the $100 mark…all because a teacher didn’t take due care of my child…hello…mother is a nurse and only a phone call and photo away from a better outcome…her leg is soooo swollen and now to get her healthy again…nothing but rubbish all week = lethargic unwell kid hmmmm

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