So…in the morning post school drop off and before work I have decided to shave my winter legs, drag on my new (but totes unflattering and more functional) cozzy, and head to Cotton Tree to use the pass included in my tri-training to get my swim on!

Now I am not promising any Olympic-style performance but I am promising that I will at least pretend to swim hopefully without flailing my arms about (unless of course Matthew Mac turns up in lifeguard gear lol)…so essentially I will “fake it til I make it”.

Although I would like to think I will gracefully glide through the water…I would more than likely expect to see splashing, gasping, and my plain jane black cozzy so stay tuned Ill let you know how I survived…or how much I giggled lol hahaha

Well…just as I thought – my swimming style is crapola!!! Ok I have NO swimming style hahaha! Unless of course you call gasping for breath and choking on water a style??? I honestly thought that running was going to be one of my hard legs of this triathlon but from my training so far I can say that no…running may well be my strength! Yep you heard it right…RUNNING MAY BE MY STRENGTH! Never EVER ever thought I would say that hahaha.

It was an interesting look with my cheap-ass K-mart togs, lime green goggles, and bright pink swim cap…I am not known for looking glamorous in a bathing suit yet but hey, its early days and summer is not yet here!

Hmmm…attractive lol

But hey…I did get myself decked out, went to the pool and swam my little heart out…so that is really the first step isnt it? Making the decision to do it! So for now I know I am not the best swimmer but I will chip away at that each week until Tri-Day!

Any tips on how to settle your breathing or getting a rhythm during a swim is more than welcome….

Everybody Be AWESOME!!!


PS…Matthew didnt arrive…must have got caught in traffic???


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