Oh boy! Pranks? Can they truly be funny or should life really be so serious? I can’t wait to finish this blog post…stay tuned because I have LOADS of pranks to share!!!

Wow…PRANKS! The word alone brings to the forefront images and visions of naughty little school kids with nothing better to do!  But seriously…when I was young (hahaha – not that long ago lol), pranks were a childhood staple of joy and happiness – and they were taken for what they were…FUN!

Admittedly I must admit that some pranks these days has gotten out of hand (especially with the whole “planking” craze that saw some people very badly injured and even dead from using it inappropriately. But the kind of pranks I am talking about are the light-hearted ones that used to make our parents smile and sometimes even giggle a bit because it was, simply put, kids being kids!

Now I saw a program the other night and it was a live show of a comedian in the Melbourne Comedy Festival – the guys name I think was Tahir – and he pointed out some very funny and amusing things…one of which was a prank!

Next time you go shopping – hide in the circular clothes rack…so when someone moves open the clothes you put your hand up and say “pick me pick me”.

Now that is funny stuff….and my Miss 12 and her friend now want to do it lol….so BEWARE!!! Another prank/joke was a teacher who after gathering the camp students into a lift and say

I am sure you are all wondering why we have gathered here today….

Lol…funny again!!! But recently Miss 12 has taken to (along with her friends because it is sooo funny), thinking that next time they go shopping they are going to act like the object they are asking about….or they will stand under a sign for that item making the actions of the object…

Eg: Standing in one place throwing legs around in a circle saying “can you tell me where the whisks are?”

Ok so that one must be an inside joke lol.

Now my coffee meet tonight with some of the mums from the younger grades tipped on this subject and absolutely had us in hysterics…lets just say that if you see young statues/mannequins dont believe they arent real….

What are some of your prank stories!!!

Everybody Be AWEOSOME!!!



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