Sprinting…whether it be in training or in life…taking off full pelt…stay tuned!

Sooooo here it is!!!

Sprinting …I can honestly say now that I am not a fan! And although longer distances are hard, I look at it now and can see that after the first few kms the burn in my legs and lungs goes away and it becomes all head space shite! But sprinting???

Well Saturday morning marked my second week of tri-training and I should well have known what I was in for when the reply text to my question of what was needed this week was “legs and lungs babe”…Hmmm there goes that “little did I know” alarm bell again hahaha uh-oh!

I went totally unprepared of course due to about 8hrs sleep in 48hrs, a 14hr work day prior, and up preparing for Loz’s camp til the wee hours. I was the first to arrive to see Lena setting up coloured cones across the AFL field and then came the word sprint! Ugghhh!!!I tried to go faster but time kept following.

This was the first ever session that I felt the burning need to puke every second…clearly my body is used to endurance rather than short sharp burst of sprints…well I guess there is no time like the present??? And all I could imagine in my head as my upper body moved faster than my legs would agree to carry me was the thought of my legs putting their brakes on saying “STOP!!!”, whilst my upper body kept going and face planted into the AFL field dirt.  Hmmmm….very attractive but fortunately that didnt happen (as amusing as it would be to all of us!).

Cupcake(Note to self: it is also very counterproductive to eat cupcakes that the chef – BLAME BELINDA, LENA ITS HER FAULT!!! – at our work cooks for us the day before…there is a reason I actually need to sprint run!)

It did however give me a satisfied feeling of accomplishment that if I was required to I could go afte what I want or need very quickly if I just focus on whats ahead…kind of like life really. In life we have those goals that require long distance stamina…but also those things that require a quick sprint (goals not just our toddlers getting into mischief lol).

What has your life thrown at you that you needed to sprint for??? That burning life-saving sprint that takes all you have and then some???


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