Well…did my first bike ride session of this tri-training thing with Mr O-A and Moo in tow…did my new gel seat make me hate the bike-related-sore-butt syndrome any less???

…update to come tonight!!!

Ok…so here it is…

I got a bike for Christmas!!! Not the one just gone but…quite a few years ago!!! Aaaannndd…I have ridden it less times than the fingers on one hand! Not because I dont like bike riding, but because even sitting on the seat was causing excruciating pain in my behind. So when someone suggested a gel seat soon after I got the bike I kinds of dismissed it because I just thought it was the size of my trunk that was the problem…fast forward to now and well over 30kgs lighter and it was still hurting!!!

So I decided that since I was going to be doing a triathlon then I had better do something about this or I would be doing the run leg holding my tooshie looking like a cowboy that had ridden the Nullarbor with no stop ha ha ha.

So we head to 99 Bikes at Kawana ( http://99bikes.com.au/stores/sunshine-coast-kawana-bike-shop ) and buy a gel seat (thanks to the $5 membership I also saved quite a bit of $$$ in the process to…and got fantastic service…but Ill do a review at a later date).and boy is it comfy!

Miss Moo & Mamma

Today I tried it out with the fam…minus Miss Loz as she is in Sydney…and for once I welcomed the burn in my legs rather than my butt…woo hoo…I felt like I was a kid all over again and it was such a joy. Maybe I will even start to ride to work a couple of kms away everyday. All I know now is…

…I love you gel seat!!!

Everybody Be AWESOME!!!


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