Well tomorrow I bid my baby farewell…it will be a sad day for this mamma bear because my gorgeous miss 12 is the light of my life and although she is sometimes the splinter in my finger…she is also my strong oak at the base of that splinter..

My strong oak

So why am I saying goodbye??? Because tomorrow my first born flies off into the skies above…on a plane…headed for adventure on her first ever camping trip!!! I know my girl is capable and amazing and wonderful and smart and savvy and and and and…but but but!!! But she also has some health concerns that worries me…see my angel has a small leak in one of her heart valves, a very instable blood pressure that drops out of nowhere, and OCD/anxiety.  It also concerns me at the choices in food she will have and how that is going to affect her by next week when she returns.

I know she is growing up but…

We have prepared somewhat and she will be self medicating during her trip, taking daily bps, has emergency money, medical details/meds and numbers…and we have a wonderful woman who is in Sydney that will take care of her as a contingency plan should anything happen.

So what I am going to do for this time without her I dont know…training hard will help and so will the distraction of my other most amazing daughter…but she will be lost without her sissy too…might need to go to a movie or something too…

…speaking of training I am feeling a little tired and need to go to bed so I am ready for tomorrow morning…after a 14 hr day at work then organising the camp stuff for Loz (ok so no swags coz they stay in a hotel lol…caampingg my butt!!!), I missed some special time with her and could quite happily pike for tomorrow…but I will power through, do the sad mamma goodbye see ya in a week thing, dry my eyes, then go to the lifestyle expo and have lunch/coffeewith a friend there…

A box of Scotties tissues

Any brand will do (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

…how do you cope when your young ones are out of reach???

Everybody Be AWESOME!!!
(and pass the Kleenex while you are there lol)


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