As I sit here on the CityCat wasting time til Mr O-A comes down from the coast I ponder what I have learnt these past 2 days…

Yep youre gonna have to wait again lol…pondering in process…

Ok…so there is alot I have learnt in the past few days and I thought that since I was tapping this out on my still-smashed-thankyou-Mr OA touchscreen phone, it would be easier in dot point form…

# I like my own company

Light up the world!

# I like the company of amazing people thankyou Mummy Lozza and Becca for making Monday night so fun – and to my fam mum and dad for making this evening enjoyable

Becca & BellaMe and my Lozza (not Loz lol)


# If I am going to stay in anything…clean sheets and towels are non negotiable

# Carl Barron is STILL the funniest man alive…ok apart from the trainer today and yesterday…who knew staff behaviour pattern and aged care could be soooooo funny

# Other peoples comments judgements tones intonations and attitudes is more a reflection of their own emotional inadequacies and thus I need to let them dig their own hole and protect my bubble (so if I tell you to f$#! off then believe me when I say its probably been along time coming)

# If we moved back to Brisvegas it would probably be close to Brissy River Newfarm Park and city centre so I could stay motivated to run (had a beautiful run tonight but had a wee bit of trouble dodging to volume of speedy runners and bike enthusiasts).

# Brissy has a lively Arty scene and put on an amazing laser light display just for me…yay.yay!

Brisfest…laser light show.

# I WILL succeed in all I do because unlike those who pick at me and try to passive-aggressive their way with me…I actually follow through what I set out for and exceed my own expectations so keep trying to put me in a box I DARE YOU!!! IM STRONGER THAN THAT FLIPPIN BOX!

# Im HUMAN…and by golly its my right as such to have opinions thoughts and experiences that are different to yours without that making me anything but equal to you.

# If you dont like the lifestyle I have, or the choices I make…I DONT CARE

# Brissy air is just NOT the same as sunny coast air…car fumes just dont feel inviting to me sorry

# I am looking forward to going home and we are undecided yet as to our future plans…but for the moment we will power along the way we are going…

Me with my Mr Omni-Awesome







Everybody Be AWESOME!!!


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