As I boarded the train at Landsborough little did I know the fun that could be had flying solo on a train trip to Brisvegas…and thank goodness…because its an hour and a half trip on a train which does not appeal to this little fish!

Anyway as I sat listening to “DJ got us falling in love” I was imagining my fellow passengers heads bopping to the music before breaking out in some last minute flash mob style glee performance…yes you can imagine how hard it is to stop myself from roflmao hysterically at this point Hahaha!

Polski: Salsa flash mob w Złotych Tarasach, 29...

Flash Mob Style Glee Performance maybe? (Photo credit: Wikipedia


So here I am on my way into Brisvegas for two days training for work and pondering how my family free time 😦 was going to go. Overnight bag packed I know where I am going but not where I am staying as I am awaiting the go ahead on funding for a hotel…alternate plan is to stay with friends on the Southside…bugger hope I got the dates right? I have been mistaken before???

Now I havent spent much time in Brissy since moving to the Sunshine Coast – smog vs sea  breezes??? No competition really for me but I guess the city does hold some appeal with those who think sand in every crevase of your house would warrant moving lol…ye land lovers…arrrr!

Well what can I say? My current home – albeit recent of less than two years – is amidst canals, crystal beaches, warm sand, rolling hills and mountains, forests, etc. It really is a lifestyle all about doing what you love and immersing yourself into all that nature has to offer. And the health and fitness industry is HUGE! on the coast. Rain hail or shine you will see people walking, running, SUP’ing, surfing, boxing, etc any time of the day…not hard really when you look at the view!

Sunshine Coast Sunrise

Sunshine Coast Sunrise (Photo credit: Jiaren Lau)

Sunshine Coast, Queensland - Kondalilla falls

Sunshine Coast, Queensland – Kondalilla falls (Photo credit: Wikipedia)












So how does the Big Brissy Smoke compare these days? Guess you will have to stay tuned…because I am still on this FLIPPIN train imagining dancing suits lol…

Everybody Be AWESOME!!!


2 thoughts on “BEAM ME UP BRISVEGAS

  1. Have a great time in Brisbane. Remember you live in Paradise. You moved to the Coast for a reason. Since you have been on the Coast, you have worked so hard to better your life and you have made huge steps and had huge successes along the way. Your a different Tammy now – your a healthy Tammy, and moving back to Brisbane, would be like moving back to Eygpt. It might feel comfortable there, but you have a better life up here. Don’t forget how happy Loz is up here! 🙂

    Enjoy the razzle dazzle of Brisvegas, but don’t get seduced by the bling! 🙂 🙂

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