This afternoon I will blog on how I handled my first day! And how I am going to acheive a good time on my first tri…stay tuned…

Well this post has been a few days coming because my computer has decided to pack up and leave town. so now I am trying to do this post from my touch screen mobile phone. So here goes.

After working a night shift on Friday night I got up bright and early Saturday morning to do my first morning of tri training with the Goal Power Team ( It seems to me however,  that no matter what I have achieved in the past every new goal that I begin start with a morning of nerves. It also seems very silly to me because I have already done a 5 kilometre and a 10 kilometre run and a 20 kilometre walk for breast cancer… I guess the old adage of what I use to be and how I use to be still lingers in my thoughts and sub conscious. I guess this will be something that just improves with time.

I don’t know what I was worried about because my new training buddys are amazing and it was just an orientation with a little run… admittedly my time was crap the I can only improve on that and considering I only had a few hours sleep I don’t think I did too badly. Plus…I get to wear cool pink stuff…lol…

Pink Power!

Initially I wasn’t going to do the training program I was just going to wing … but I decided that if I was going to do this I needed to be going full at it to achieve my goal especially when I plan on doing a half marathon and a full marathon next year. I need to be focused on achieving in my long term goals and try not to be swayed buy all of the external noise all things that might damage my bubble. And that is why I have decided to put my all into this. I’m sure I’m going to have those moments of thought where I think I wont finish, but those thoughts will just have to be acknowledged as rubbish, and put back into their place – in the past!

I do lead a very busy life and to many I know they think I have bitten off more than is healthy (obsessed is a word that keeps popping up???), but life always gives us excuses and if I left it at that I wouldnt be where I am now with the knowledge and experience I have now.  And if we never reach for anything how are we meant to ever get to the next phase in our life and goals.

So reach out and stretch yourself further than you can ever imagine – you will be surprised where you land!

What are you reaching for now? What goals are your “no way in hell is that possible” goals?

Everybody Be AWESOME!!!




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