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Mischievious Mum


I am guilty of lying to my children.  I have encouraged them to believe in Santa, the Tooth fairy, the Easter Bunny and Oompa Loompa’s!  I made the lie more authentic by creating an email address – not for the Oompa Loompa’s, but the others. However, because i find it hard to swallow that these mysteriously pretend characters get all the praise for our hard work of buying our kids their Christmas presents….Santa and the Easter Bunny have found themselves affected by the GFC.  In fact all three of them are having some money woes.  Santa and his friends come and leave their wares, but the value of  the gifts that they bring are no longer as good as the gifts Dion and I buy!    We may have encouraged the kids to believe in these fictional characters, but they don’t get the praise that they used to get.  …

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