Many people, things, events…have inspired me in my journey that is life – tomorrow I will pay homage to that which has inspired me, why it inspired me and what that inspiration now means as I continue on this journey of infinite balance – awesomeness style!


Well…to start with what does the word inspiration actually mean? Urban dictionary always provides me with much comedic relief with their quirky and sometimes questionable definitions of common and creative words and terms.  And the term “inspiration” hasnt escaped it!

Urban dictionary says that “inspiration” can mean any of the following:

* A special “herb” – hmmm I guess inspiration can be addictive cant it?

* Plaigarism – ahhh okay! So it says that what used to be called plaigarism is now inspiration…wonder how that would go down in the academic society lol

*  And last but not least….okay well I am NOT going to put that in my blog…you will just have to google this in Urban Dictionary if you really must know!

But on a serious note inspiration according to The Oxford Dictionary is the process of mental stimulation that may result in a creative act – or to take in breath! Hmmm…I like where that is going…to take in breath…kind of life giving in a way isnt it!  Many things inspire us though and can include people, events etc etc.

So what has inspired me? Why did it inspire me? And what is the result of that inspiration?


Well first and foremost what has inspired me the most….ME!!!

If I look at where I have been and what I have acheived I really need to remind myself that all the inspiration I need really is within!  Why I should be an inspiration to myself – the stats:

Ok so about 12 months ago I was unfit, unhealthy, a smoker, severely anxious, had cancer and alot of other health issues, couldnt walk briskly for 5 minutes without getting breathless, blah blah blah!!! Today I have lost well over 30kgs, I am reasonably fit, quite healthy, non-smoker, not anxious 24/7, cancer-free, most health issues resolved, have done a 5km and 10km run, climbed many mountains in our area…and now about to start training in the morning for my first triathlon ever – not to mention the goal of dong my first half marathon and full marathon next year!!!

So I still have a ways to go yet in terms of getting fitter and healthier, and in terms of learning to stand my ground with complete authority and confidence in my own abilities, but sometimes you have to look back at how far you have come in order to appreciate where you are going.


Ok so my next inspiration is not far removed from me seeing that I gave birth to them…yet you got it…MY GIRLS!!!

My children have not had the easiest of lives by any standards…but they also havent had the worse and that is what they remind themselves of all the time.  I am inspired by my Miss 12 because she has spent her entire life in hospitals, drs, specialists. She has spent countless hours getting her eczma treated everyday to reduce bleeding when she was younger, and tolerated limited diet due to health concerns about allergies. But she has also endured alot of emotional turmoil too! Ridiculing, exclusion, taunting, mistreatment and withdrawal of love by people who were meant to love her – my gorgeous girl has kept herself throughout this all and continues to amaze me with her compassion for those less fortunate that herself…she is always willing to give all she has if it means reducing the suffereing of another.  And she is going into her teenage years with the tenacity and conviction that befits someone much older than her years – what an amazing adult she is going to be if this is the joy she is now..she inspires me to always keep that compassion for others!!!

As for my Miss 5…she also is an inspiration…as she deals with daily pain for the past 4 years – my girl has still not lost that sparkle in her eye.  She too has grown to be a girl filled with compassion and love and is always the first to forgive and the first to overlook those who have hurt her…not always going to be a good quality but for now it is good.  My little girl is what I call my little firecracker!!! She has the energy of 10 toddlers and gives me a good run for my money…and inspires me to keep the enthusiasm that makes life so amazing to the wee ones!



Ok so I have lots of inspiration to continue my fitness and health journey but one person that has inspired and encouraged me along the way has been LISA CURRY!!!

Mt Tibrogargan

Lisa is an amazing and down-to-earth woman with an amazing passion for empowering and educating for lasting health change.  Her program KISS ( ) and her amazing approach to health inspired me to change the way my family and I were living.  We have been inspired to avoid chemically laden foods and have been inspired to dream and achieve!  Lisa has a beautiful personality and a real compassion for real people and aims to empower rather than guilt-trip her members…but she has overcome her own health issues that shows people that anything is possible and that you dont have to just roll over and let life/circumstances/disease screw you over!

There is one more thing that inspires me… THE HATERS!

Years ago I never knew what a source of sheer power and energy the haters in your life could be…if you could harness it you could probably power the population of earth many times over.  Its not always doable – but each time I feel hurt or angry…I try to harness that energy and put it into my workouts…or into achieving a goal – such as climing a mountain, trying something new, running, etc etc!  Seriously…try putting some this into what you want to achieve.



Now in the morning I start my journey to my first triathlon!!! And even though it isnt the full competition distances it is still a triathlon!  So I am going to inspire myself, be inspired by my two amazing daughters, and harness the haters…to achieve it!!!




Everybody Be AWESOME!!!




5 thoughts on “INSPIRED

  1. I like this blog a lot! You have inspired many, including me with, not only your actions but also with your words of encouragement that convince me I can be more tomorrow than I am today.

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