Princess Tiara (Photo credit: Shelley Panzarella)

It amazes me how many princesses there are  and how many we as a society are actually responsible for…stay tuned for this interesting blog post later!

Hello Awesomers!!!

Well I have wanted to do this post for a while but today something happened that sent this dont-mess-with-my-kid mamma into a blind fury – ok so I contained it but I thought to myself…no way…not another child of mine getting pushed around.  You see today was the first time I witnessed another child BEING MEAN TO MY BABY!!! I know I know I know…this happens to all kids and I really do get it…but since I had not had this issue with Miss Moo 5yo before now I was blindly thinking I had skipped this dreaded bit of being a parent to a girl-child!  After all I had already been through it with my eldest and she had really been through the ringer being bullied by her peers AND adults in her life. I thought it was time I got a break! Not so fast!!!


So with this happening today and some discussion over coffee I thought I would blog on the issue of the “PRINCESS SYNDROME”.

PRINCESS SYNDROME is condition affecting mainly girls of many different ages whereby they experience an egocentric reality requiring those around them to play their way and pander to every passing whim, and they tend to not cope well with the word no, not being the centre of attention, or being challenged – and dont even get them started on the concept of acceptance of self responsibility!


Causal factors include parental role modelling of similar behaviours or lack of role models to the opposite.  Other factors can include giving in to tantrums and demands, lack of consistent consequences, and of course the “I will do anything just please dont cry” responses they recieve.

Now as a parent I understand that our children are a product of their conditioning and I can honestly say that I dont think we have “princess syndrome” in our household….HOLD UP HOLD UP HOLD UP…Im not being biased so just wait!  My girls have been raised the tough way and although they are very far from being perfect, they have learnt very quickly that life is unfair, sometimes really really really unfair…and you can only do what you can for yourself because people cant be changed if they dont want it for themselves.  However our beautiful Miss 5yo has started displaying “princess” behaviours since starting school this year that we have identified need to be knocked on the head before she starts putting in her order for her next tiara!!!

Our little-miss-princess-in-waiting has started to mimic behaviours she is seeing in the wider community with pulling the tears if she doesnt get the response she wants and generally expressing how put out she is if she is asked to do anything!!! By golly this will certainly not wash in our household so she has been reorientated to our way at home very quickly.

So these behaviours begin at such a young age and these girls grow up not knowing any other way.  But as adults they get such rude shocks when other adults dont play their game…and they honestly dont understand/concieve that their behaviour is destructive, hurtful and downright unacceptable.  So as parents, aunties, uncles, sisters etc…we have a duty to role model positive, socially responsible behaviour that is authentic and self protective without throwing other people under the nearest bus.


When we start to build girls that are self respecting, responsible, socially/morally aware with a drive to be their best and strive for an exceptional life not void of compassion…then we will fight this horrible syndrome that keeps tiara makers in business lol.  I know this is what we will be working towards in our household!

To ensure that my Miss 12yo remains the gorgeous (but humanly flawed) girl with compassion for others and an understanding of why “princesses” behave the way they do…I think she is now old enough to read “queen bees and wanna bees”…amazing book!



5 thoughts on “PRINCESS SYNDROME

  1. Reblogged this on READ MY FINGERS and commented:
    This is great advice to parents who think their daughter may have this syndrome and also those whose kids might be influenced by a ‘princess’. Please have a read and leave your thoughts or experiences.

  2. Reblogged this on My Infinite Balance and commented:
    Occasionally I revisit my old blog posts and cringe. This one however is spot on and provides much material for thought. I do find it challenging to raise not one but two daughters – but soak up each and every lesson and learning with gratitude.

    Have a read and let me know how you cope with your daughters princess behaviour? All tips welcome.

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