Ok so I was going to have a movie night but……

….I thought this was much more interesting instead!  A friend & I had coffee on Saturday night and we talked about everything – including types of friends and types of “friends” and it occured to me just how difficult it was to identify the ‘good eggs’ from the lemons.  Not that I dont like lemons…because even though lemons leave a sour taste in your mouth you know deep down that they are good for you and a great detoxifier!

So I am still quite upset, hurt and angry at what has happened over the past few days so my Miss 12 and I decided to do a run that I HATE the most to let out some agro and sad…hmmm the horrid Alex Hill…not big by any standards but it has bad memories for me after running my first 5km twilight run with a broken rib and torn adductor, and everytime it leaves me anxious – go figure?

It was amazing…cool breeze, music pumping in my ears, jogging along with my amazing girl, ocean beside me…and it gave me time to think – uninterupted, uncomplicated, unrestrained thought!  And that is when I thought back to some of the issues that surround friendship that we had discussed Saturday night and it kind of reminded me of Snow White…and her 7 little friends.

Lets see  there was Snow White – really just trying to find her own little safe haven in the world away from the harshness of the oppression societys/other peoples expectations and judgements.


Now as for her “friends”…or dwarfs as the story goes – I think you can look at these 7 little men as friends you may encounter in your own life – and I bet every one of you can see a friend, past friend or aquaintance in each one of them – and/or you can remember a time when you were one of them!


Sneezy OK 214145C4b.jpg

You know him…the eternally sick one, who is sicker than ANYONE else on the planet! Man-flu is nothing compared to the illnesses that these people endure.  But mention a way to improve their health and they will look at you as though you have just told them the cure to what ails them is to rub their face with bee stingers!!! Golly…eating healthy is just not an option because they would rather eat crap than feel better and have a productive amazing life.  There is really no point trying to convert these people because they will forever find an excuse rather than a solution…best thing to do is to pray…pray that you say “hi have a great day” rather than “hi how are you”.


Sleepy OK 214572K2a.jpg

You know this one too…this is the friend who would rather sleep in than get a life!!! (Ok this one was me a year ago so some of what I am describing is me and some is taken from experience amongst people I actually know).  Ever hear this – “oh I just work soooooo hard during the day/week that I have nothing left to exercise, or do something fun (apart from watch tv, eat junk, laze around)”, “oh Im not obsessed about being fit like you are”, “oh I am just not motivated and cant be bothered doing anything to help motivate myself”, “oh I am on my feet all day I dont need to do anything else”.  Lol…yep thats the one…washing their hair is ACTUALLY what they do instead of participating in life.

FRIEND 3 – DOPEY (I promise there are some good ones coming up!)

599933-dopey large.jpg

Wow…Dopey. He appears ok on the surface…silly, sweet – until he starts to interact…or not as it be the issue!.  I have encountered much of this especially in my job when I worked south – this friend/aquaintance is just plain vague – unable to make decisions (ok so that part is me – but my excuse is that it is really hard to choose between scrambled or poached!), really not able to even stand with a point of view…kind of like some leaves being blown about in the wind.  These friends generally just go along with the majority and are not able to make an individual stand – let alone able to assert their role. Hmmm…

FRIEND 4 – DOC (This is one everyone wants at some point!)

Doc OK 214572K5a.jpg

The natural leader.  This friend is responsible, and although can be a bit over confident in approach they have an amazing heart and tries to protect and watch over those that are being attacked. This friend can sometimes get flustered…but who wouldnt get flustered on occassion in a leadership role – people to guide, leading to do…it can sometimes be quite tough and thankless work!  This is the kind of friend you want in a crisis or during times of hardship or worry.

FRIEND 5 – HAPPY (yay…this is a good one)

Happy OK 214572K3a.jpg

Wow…this friend is one you want all the time (ok most of the time) and is one that finds the best things in life – they are optimistic, joyful, humorous, energetic and lighthearted…but unfortunately this is the friend that is hurt the easiest.  They put their heart and soul into everything and are easy targets for the naysayers and dread-dragons who seek to spread their fire and brimstone everywhere.  So this is the kind of friend who sometimes needs a heads up when trouble is headed their way and the one that should be appreciated for their ability to spread their positve attitude to life.


Bashful OK 214572K6a.jpg

Bashful is the friend that doesnt like to be noticed, or acknowledged for anything…especially not in public!  Shy and nervous, this friend is easily railroaded and tends to follow the pack – albeit at the end – but follows all the same.  You kind of feel quite empathetic for this friend but in the same token it gets exhausting to forever try to drag them outta their shells…and many times most people give up trying.

FRIEND 7 – GRUMPY (Ok run and hide!)

Grumpy OK 214572K1a.jpg

Alright so you dont have to run away and hide…but admit it – sometimes you see these people and feel like it dont you??? So your “grumpy” friend really actually has “roasted marshmallow syndrome” looks to hard, burnt, bitter on the outside…but really they are just soft and sweet when you look inside.  Continuously pessimistic, grouchy, negative, rude, impatient…(hmm sounds familiar – wonder why?)…and that is what makes this friend soooo difficult!!! The bitter exterior sometimes puts people off hanging around for the soft centre.

So I have covered all of the “friends” in snow white and although I know there should be quite a few more I am going to leave it at that…

Which friend have you come across…and which one are you??? If you think this post is about you then it probably is, but if you dont then you are probably a “happy” and in that case have an AWESOME day!!!

Everybody Be AWESOME!!!



5 thoughts on “SNOW WHITE & THE 7 FRIENDS

  1. Love your blog! I’ve probably been all of them at one time or another, but I would like to think I’m happy! I’ve recently started a blog about my weight loss journey and my half marathon training, follow me if you’re interested! (I noticed you started following my old blog, that I thought was deleted, but please follow my new one!)

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