Why is it that anytime you make a decision, stand your ground or have an opinion…it is suddenly misconstrued to be all about others???  Im not really sure on this one and I am not for a second saying that I havent been guilty of feeling guilty when someone makes a cryptic comment…because I have.  But thats why I say isnt it interesting that this is the case?

I have recently deactivated my facebook account for this very reason.  I deleted some people off facebook not out of spite – but because I was doing what I had to do – my page right? And I made it clear that it wasnt personal but thats where it gets messy – it was assumed that it was personal and then what was meant to be about protecting myself became an assumption that I was being mean.

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So once again my actions for ME becomes about someone else! And because of the dramas that followed I have deactivated my account…kind of liberating and now those who actually want to be in my life will just have to call or text me…this will be what seperates the for reals from the fakers in friendships.

Now I have to decide whether we are going to stay on the coast or go home to Brisbane…that will be a toughy but todays events have pushed us further to that decision.  Because unfortunately its more like a country time and chinese whispers run riot here, so I WILL know when someone is whispering sweet nothings in someones ears…and I will laugh because obviously there is nothing better to do.  Better I think that the happy pills and a tight fitting jacket me thinks….

Oh on a good note…success is the best revenge so guess I will keep up the AWESOMENESS!!!

Everybody Send ME Some AWESOME!!!