I have begun to discover lately, more than ever before, that despite losing such a significant amount of weight and size (I know it is well over 30kgs lost but cant give a certain number since scales and measuring is no longer a feature at this stage), I still feel like my body is the same “before” size.

True story…

I went into a major department store and decided since there were sales I would buy a few much needed items. Quite essential really because no one wants to see my jeans falling around my ankles because they are far too loose!  So I go to a rack of jeans (in the normal size range…although my inner magnet was drawing me to the “big girl” jeans…errrhhhmmm), and pick up two sizes…the smaller one because “well maybe I have lost more size and will git into them?” and the larger ones because “you cant possibly fit anything smaller”.  Anyways I go into the dressing rooms secretly willing either pair to fit somewhat ok…and…..hey presto – the smaller ones fit?!?!? WTF? Must have the sizing wrong on the tag…I cant possibly fit that? But alas Mr O-A assures me that yes it does fit me and that I should buy it.  So I did. Period. And I wore those small jeans…quite well in fact.

So did I feel any thinner…NOPE!!! I did google this and apparently it is a term called “PHANTOM FAT”…apparently not unlike a phantom limb – when someone loses a limb they still feel like it is there, because your mind is soooo used to acting and reacting in a particular way that when one of the variables is removed it becomes a whole new ball game and the brain has to catch up to the changes.

So one of the ways to target this is to have comparable photos of your change and that is exactly what I will do


Last three pics are from last 18 months


Me today


Everybody Be AWESOME!!!




Being on the southside for two days has highlighted a few points of u-inspiration in regards to fitness…we always talk about what inspires us to get fit, exercise, be healthy and active and mine are more so evident now.
..but what is un-inspiring and how do we tackle or overcome these elements?

When I get back to a real computer rather than my still-cracked smartphone, I will complete this blog…in the meantime…share your inspirations or u-inspirations…

Righto – now that I am back I can attend to the issue of un-inspirations.


So when on the southside I decided I would make the most of being back in the area of our old home and go for a run with Mr O-A to the shops for some milk and eggs etc before brekky.  Perfect opportunity really since we stayed at my folks house and the kids were still in bed or snuggled on the couch with nanny and granddad…after all its not often we have someone to watch the kids to get some “us” time together since we live a further distance than before to most of our “babysitters/childspoilers” (yes nanny/granddad/auntb&uncC I am talking about you!!! LOL).

Awake. Running gear on. Shoes on. Water bottle. Walk out to main road. Start to warm up in a walk. Start to…..walk.  Tried a little running. Stopped running and walked. Coughed and spluttered a little. Breathed in the car fumes. Wow….so thats what its like to suck gas?!?. Listened to the soothing distracting noise of traffic zooming past. Admired the dry piled up cut grass in the field. Hmmmm…noticing that I may be a tad out of place being the only one (apart from hubz) out run/walking. Gazing at the crystal clear water brown mucky river water. Ok…UNINSPIRED.

I kind of get now why I found it sooooo difficult to muster up the enthusiasm when I lived there…I know I am sounding a little lot spoiled right now but seriously – it is SOOOO much easier for me (girl who was almost born at the beach but was torn away to the suburbs) to exercise and be active in an environment that inspires me.  Im sure that the beach isnt for everyone, and that some people actually feel at home amongst the suburbs…but certainly that is not me! Maybe I will do some more suburb runs however, just to get a little more self-discipline in training in less than ideal conditions or environments.

Back home I made up for my UN-INSPIRING run by having a light run around the base of Mt Tibrogargan (ok I did go part the way up the summit path but just to tucker out my dad who is always up for a challenge – but who was the one who called the uphill climb off only 1/5 the way up lol) which was a leisurely 3kms through dappled sunlight, surrounded by ferns and old trees. It gave me a good workout however and got me back to my “peak a week” groove. And tomorrow I will probably go get some beach action just because I can and just because Miss 5 wants to build sandcastles – so who wouldnt be INSPIRED by that?

A photo of Mount Tibrogargan, taken from a mov...

So share with me please

  • what inspires you?
  • what un-inspires you?
  • how do you overcome un-inspiration?

I would love to hear your experiences – whether it be running or walking…

Everybody Be AWESOME!!!




Hello there Awesomers!

I know it has been a few days since I have written my own blog (thanks to those wonderful bloggers with awesome content I have been able to reblog), so I have decided that tonight (or this morning since it is actually after 1am) I will put pen to paper – ok fingers to keypad lol.

The reason I have been getting a little further between blogs is because of the “feather, rock, truck” phenomenon (thanks Emazon). This is where life will get your attention when you cease to listen to the subtle reminders of which way to go or what your body is telling you about how you are travelling. And I hate to say it but I have been rather ignorant of my body’s cues of late.

featherfeather (Photo credit: n0rthw1nd)

Now you can be reminded with either a feather, a rock or a truck…until you start listening and getting the message so here is what I failed to listen to:


Alright so a feather is that gentle feeling that is meant to just gently remind you that maybe you are either going in the wrong direction, you have missed something, or there is something you can do better.  In hindsight I realise that my feather probably was landing in my lap about 2 weeks ago when I began to get more sleepy each day after I finished work.  Most people would say

that it is understandable with the job that I do…but I normally can work, train and run after the kids and Mr O-A these days and still have some reserves. This normalcy started to wane and I ignored it and forged forward.


Bonsai Rock Lake Tahoe IVRocks are those strong feelings,

signs/symptoms that alert you to something serious but you ignore them all the same despite the little memories they leave behind (a little like bruises) that remind you that action needs to be taken – but sometimes we find clever ways to intermittently forget/push aside these rocks.  My rocks started flying at me about a week ago when my mental resolve to my lifestyle choices began to become more difficult to maintain, and my body started to feel the brunt of no rest!  For the first time in a long time my hip flexors began to flare up, my shin splints began to cuss me and my healed torn adductor started to remind me of the last time I pushed too far.  And still I forged ahead and ignored these rocks!!!


日本語: Road train 2001

My flippin big truck hit me on Monday when my body and mind refused to play and left me mostly unconcious for the day apart from the little lunch and dinner wakings which did little to boost my energy. I have honestly never felt that tired before in my life and hope to never feel that again!!! It was like my body and mind had checked out without my consent and there was not a thing I could do but to go with it.  Very scary for someone who just goes, goes, goes. My husband and children were more than a little concerned thats for sure…and lucky I have such wonderful family because my girls behaved beautifully (or so I am led to believe since I wouldnt have heard sirens even)…and they took it very well that I could do nothing for them or be nothing for them for the day.

Fast forward to today and although I am still pretty tired and did sleep in a wee bit this morning…I have managed to achieve alot more.  In fact I managed to glue all my baby’s school pictures in the Art Folio that I keep everything in…and I also managed to cook an amazing dinner full of fresh healthy ingredients that my family just adored – yummo!!!

So I think I will take it easy this week and be a little selfish with my time and my activities and allow the truck to go back to where it came from hahaha.

Feel free to share your feather, rock, truck moments with me and how you managed to bring yourself back…

Everybody Be AWESOME!!!



What an insightful blogpost! This blogger has it spot on!


At the very centre of us all lies our innateessence. This essence is formed within us in the womb and can never be destroyed.

When I was young I used to worry that perhaps if my mum and dad had not met, married and had kids I wouldn’t exist at all and at other times I could convince myself that no matter what, I would have been born (to somebody) regardless…..it was just meant to be!!  I used to also wonder how different I might be if for example, I had been born to different parents or perhaps even been born in a country other than Australia. But what I felt sure about was, that no matter how ‘different’  I might have been, I would still be ME and this part of ME is called Innate Essence.

I am sure that no one is entirely bad or…

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Welcome home baby



Yep…after 5 days away from me I was happy to welcome my baby back safe and….wtf?!?!? Yes you got it right…my child has two completely ruined feet (and I have only one week of work in the past 9months to do…oh movies on the couch coz she can barely walk!!!), and I have just spent 1 hr of her un screaming tears ready to puke from the pain, redressing these babies because the initial dressing saw micropore tape being stuck straight onto the open wound which has been pulling for 24 hrs….let’s just say this is one unhappy mummy atm arrggghhhh!!!



Ok so this is not my saying to explain…but since I kind of had one of these moments this afternoon I am hoping that blogger Mischievous Mum might address it so I can share this on my blog…because its a good one and I am sure you all have had these moments…sooo puhleeeez MM address this please!!!

What is everyones ideas on what this could mean???

Any thoughts or guesses???

Everybody Be AWESOMELY in tune!!!



Oh boy! Pranks? Can they truly be funny or should life really be so serious? I can’t wait to finish this blog post…stay tuned because I have LOADS of pranks to share!!!

Wow…PRANKS! The word alone brings to the forefront images and visions of naughty little school kids with nothing better to do!  But seriously…when I was young (hahaha – not that long ago lol), pranks were a childhood staple of joy and happiness – and they were taken for what they were…FUN!

Admittedly I must admit that some pranks these days has gotten out of hand (especially with the whole “planking” craze that saw some people very badly injured and even dead from using it inappropriately. But the kind of pranks I am talking about are the light-hearted ones that used to make our parents smile and sometimes even giggle a bit because it was, simply put, kids being kids!

Now I saw a program the other night and it was a live show of a comedian in the Melbourne Comedy Festival – the guys name I think was Tahir – and he pointed out some very funny and amusing things…one of which was a prank!

Next time you go shopping – hide in the circular clothes rack…so when someone moves open the clothes you put your hand up and say “pick me pick me”.

Now that is funny stuff….and my Miss 12 and her friend now want to do it lol….so BEWARE!!! Another prank/joke was a teacher who after gathering the camp students into a lift and say

I am sure you are all wondering why we have gathered here today….

Lol…funny again!!! But recently Miss 12 has taken to (along with her friends because it is sooo funny), thinking that next time they go shopping they are going to act like the object they are asking about….or they will stand under a sign for that item making the actions of the object…

Eg: Standing in one place throwing legs around in a circle saying “can you tell me where the whisks are?”

Ok so that one must be an inside joke lol.

Now my coffee meet tonight with some of the mums from the younger grades tipped on this subject and absolutely had us in hysterics…lets just say that if you see young statues/mannequins dont believe they arent real….

What are some of your prank stories!!!

Everybody Be AWEOSOME!!!