I could sooooo make this blog entry a complete b*^!# fest about the things that have made me cry in the past 24 hours (and it HAS been a rough 24 hours that has kind of left me feeling lost and disconnected from my INNER RED WARRIOR and more connected to my INNER BLUE WORRIER leaving me teary, spent, drained and running after the horse that just bolted!).  But instead of focussing on what made me feel like this I have decided instead to do some searching my own self (totes unrelated, however, to the state I am in but I figure its better than sulking, whinging or complaining).  Some self reflection if you will.

Ok so last weekend I went to the Eumundi Markets and saw the funniest pillowcases I have ever seen – some of which should sooooo be in my room!!! One was “THE BALD” & “THE BEAUTIFUL” (sorry Mr O-A!).  But another was “MR RIGHT” & “MRS ALWAYS RIGHT”!!!  Well theres a loaded gun for you isnt there!

Now what I am about to say is not to go any further than here (ok so its not to go back to my husband because I have a reputation to uphold lol – and he will never let me forget what I have said…in fact I think he would encourage a tattoo saying what I am about to admit!!!).


I know I know I know…its a very difficult concept to grasp but hey…I am still human and I make mistakes.  But I am completely ok with that too…because if I were right ALL of the time (in contrast to MOST of the time he he he)…then I wouldnt be human would I now? (Hmmmm…no I might just be some super power lol hahaha).

I know that there are a few things that I will always be right about:

*  Chocolate will always have a special place in many a womans heart. PERIOD!

*  If you pull a horrid mean face it WILL stay like that…eventually – whether it be next week or in 40 years it will always be unattractive.

*  Dogs are NOT mans best friend…they are much more!

*  If you mention the “Q” (quiet) word to a nurse you are risking being put in a straight jacket and fed anti psychotics – because what the public doesnt know is that the “Q” word is an immediate challenge to the powers that be in the universe to let all hell break loose….murphy is real and he is true to his laws!!!

But there is alot I have been wrong about too!

*  Conventional medicine DOESNT know everything – sometimes the best information comes from our mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers – just be open minded and thorough.

*  Love ISNT just a feeling – its a conscious decision to show action.  Although it is nice to have those warm fuzzy feelings about people in our lives, I have learnt that loving the people closest to us means that we have to put it into action…actions speak far louder!

*  Friends ARENT always forever – people come and go from our lives for a reason. And although we would like to think that we will be bff’s forever…sometimes we grow in different directions and sometimes that means you will no longer be a complimentary match.

Oh and the list can go on….and on….and on…..

So if I have a bad day, if I am ever wrong, if I just feel like Im treading sand….

Just keep swimming, Just keep swimming

So in closing….yes I should have the Mrs Always Right pillowcase…but no because I am always right – just so that I dont shatter Mr O-A’s heart…lol

Everybody Be AWESOME!!!



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