I’M SO EXCITED…I could just pee (ok so that last part was unneccessary but soooo funny!)

No really…I ACTUALLY love running!!! (Extract sarcastic undertone)



I know I know I know already! Why the hell does the thought or action of that excite me so much? Most people cringe at the mere mention of running and honestly 12 months ago I would have been one of them.  For a number of reasons really:






First of all I couldnt walk briskly for 5 minutes without feeling like I had just burnt about a years worth of chocolate cake, and feeling like a cardiologist may just be in for a better retirement fund when I need a consultation.  Then I was reminded that many people think something is impossible and sometimes even ridiculous before they experience it – and that every great journey began with two things…the very first step and the decision to take it.

Then I walk/ran the Mooloolaba Triathlon 5km Twilight Run and came in a phenominally memorable last in front of my family, friends and loads of spectators along with two other gutsy women.  It was the toughest 5km ever and so many times I thought about stopping (like the asthma attack, my throat closing up, the pain in my broken rib and torn adductor), but all the while my Miss Macca Moo yelling “shut up and run”, and I am sure the crowd cheering me on was more like this (although I am sure it was all in my head lol hahaha)

The crowd was so supportive although I think they might have been saying much nicer stuff this is all I could hear lol

…and the feeling of accomplishment was AMAZING!!! So now doing another 5km just feels wrong and feels like i would be going backwards – you all know I love a challenge – and although I am resigned to the fact that unless I am the only one running or everyone breaks their legs during the race or I suddenly become a lightning bolt…then I am not likely to come first lol. But that is not the reason I am doing the 10km…winning for me is being able to pat myself on the back at the end, take a swig of a nice cold corona and say to myself that I defied my past beliefs and pushed myself further than I could have ever imagined way back when.

I am going to be

So the reasons I am excited about running 10km:





So yes I am excited, and will be counting down the days like a kid before christmas and will revel in all the race day celebrations – plus I get to spend time with my folks, make them proud, and to sweeten the deal my amazing bestie is coming up for the weekend – so parteeeeeee!!!

Me and my gorgeous bestie Rach (really need to take an updated pic of us…been a long time!

Everybody Be AWESOME!!!





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