MY TANK LIST – Coz a bucket cant contain this much AWESOMENESS!

Hey hello hi!!!

So I am calling this list my “TANK” list because frankly I dont think a bucket could contain the sheer awesomeness that this list will encompass – ooooohhhh maybe it should be an AWESOMENESS list…lol hahaha…but call it what you will it is still what one would consider a list of “to do’s” in this lifes journey!

But where many people have a mental link to the movie of the same title, and many equate the term to desired achievements before you die, I prefer to relate to this term as things to do – period – and because many of us do not know the time nor the day, then I am going to start on mine now and aim hard at achieving each one whilst enjoying the ride.  So here goes (I have decided to categorise them because I have OCD and am anal about organisation lol) – I cant say that they will all make sense or mean anything to other people like items on popular bucket lists but hey, its my list!


1.  Israel                                  6.  New Zealand

2.  Antarctica                           7.  Canada

3.  Europe                               8.  Colorado

4.  Hawaii                                9.  Tibet

5.  Africa                                  10.  Bora Bora


1.  Skydiving                               6.  Deep Sea Fishing

2.  Parasailing                             7.  Get my motorbike license

3.  Kokoda Trail                           8.  Dawn service in Gallipoli

4.  Scuba Diving                          9.  Learn to surf

5.  Learn a language                   10.  Get tattoo of a concrete truck on my ankle (hehe)


1.  10 km                                      6.  Compete in Masters Games

2.  Half Marathon                         7.  Write/publish a book

3.  Marathon                                8.  Learn to rock n roll with my husband

4.  Triathlon                                 9.  Get my Masters Degree

5.  Tough Mudder                       10.  Learn to ocean swim


1.  See my children succeed in what makes them happy

2.  Become a grandmother

3.  Become completely content with who I am

4.  Know exactly who I am

5. ……and to never stop dreaming, believing and aiming for the highest mountain!!!

So what is on your AWESOME list???

I know I will never stop adding to mine – in fact there are a few that I have taken off now because I have achieved them already:

SO FAR……..

1.  Married the man of my dreams

Catch of the century – Mr Omni-Awesome

2.  Given birth to my beautiful children

Best experience in life? My girls!!!

3.  Live at the beach

My chicka Loz riding the waves

4.  Complete a degree

The Graduate!

5.  Complete a 5km run (in the Mooloolaba Triathlon)



Well there it is…my AWESOMENESS list…I take comfort in the fact that if I have already achieved some then nothing can stop me from achieving the rest on my list – therefore so can you!!!

Everybody Be AWESOME!!!


6 thoughts on “MY TANK LIST – Coz a bucket cant contain this much AWESOMENESS!

  1. I thought you were about to resurrect the old school motto of dream, believe, achieve!
    Love your list, love your postings!

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