Hello fellow AWESOMERS!!!


Well I hope your all having days as fabulous as I have been having – although I am pretty lucky and blessed to live in such a beautiful place in the world.

Mooloolaba Beach on a beautiful, crisp August morning!

I think my thoughts have been predominantly thinking about the thought of fear – bahahaha sorry to all those with Logophobia – if you are scared of words, or anything else for that matter you might best turn back now!!!

FEAR: An emotion that holds a certain intensity of energy…invoked by people, situations, events etc…protective response…holding a different meaning and impact on everyday life dependant/determined by the individual. (Thanks e-How)

I really love that part “intensity of energy” – and although e-How is far from being an academic source of information I really love that part because it negates the need for neither negative or positive spin on fear – IT IS WHAT IT IS period…it is just fear!!!

Dont worry I have my fair share of fears – bugs, random dogs, spiders…you know, the norm of fears and phobias.

I have also had fears of other things too:

Fear of running (because what if I have a heart attack!!!) – running weekly and 10km coming up in few weeks – FEAR CONQUERED!!!

Fear of confrontation (because what if they dont like me???) – stood up to some toxic people and situations in my life because who the hell cares if they like me! – FEAR CONQUERED!!!

Fear of trying new things (because what if….well, what if???) – tried SUP’ing epically bad at it, tried getting on a surf board even phenominally funny – FEAR CONQUERED!!!

So this past weekend Mr Omni-Awesome, Miss Macca Moo and I decide on a leisurely afternoon walk to check out where the start of the summit climb at Mt Tibrogargan is.  No big deal right? Nope…easy as! So off we go and leisurely enjoy the short base walk to the side path that leads up to the summit…been past before but never thought to look up.  Still ok – after all I have done other mountains (with my daring children) and no fear!!!

Then I look ahead – ok so lots of rocks, steep inclines, loose rubble (that could cause a twisted ankle and prevent my 10km in two weeks), yep still ok!

WOW….holy dooly that is steep!!! Yep we climb and climb….and climb and climb…and then………………………………………………………………………………………………….right! How on earth am I gonna climb up that?!?!? Ahead is the bit I wasnt prepared for (well for starters I had my nice new running shoes on) and neither was Miss Dangermouse Miss Moo – the most daring of adventurers.  But because we were already there we werent just gonna give in – although my “mumma” senses were pinging all over the place.

So up we climb to the furtherest part that was safe for our untethered Miss Dangermouse and we did the “responsible parent thing” and decided she would not venture up the almost flat cliff face without chest harnessing attached to her current harness.  So Mumma bear goes first – all the while repeating in my head – “you got this, no way you gonna let this little thing beat you – hell no!” then it was “s@*t, how the hell am I gonna get down from here – hope the helicopter can reach me!” But on I went a few more steps just to prove that fear wont rule my life (despite how stupid that sounds looking back on it I know). Then I got to the point where it was either keep climbing and get rescued by helicopter at the top, freeze here and look like a tool (yes hubz would defo have taken pics and posted to facebook – or worse still videoed it and you tubed it!), or I could suck up enough courage to admit my limitation (for this trip only mind you – I intend on going back until I reach the top) and climb back down without taking the quick shortcut down.  Yes I can reassure you that I am not typing this from the top of the mountain and I did in fact reach the bottom safely lol hahaha.

So I make it down safe…then my husband (who is alot older than me) whips up to the top of this scary bit in a shot – darn it!!! Yeah…game on lol. He tells me that the views are remarkable and that I really would enjoy being up there!!! Okay okay…next goal in line – next time I will bring ropes just in case – just so we can save the SES from having to rescue me lol!!!

Did I fail? NO WAY!!! I faced my fear, and showed myself that even at the point of extreme fear I can push a little further! Am I an irresponsible parent for allowing my child to tag along? NO WAY!!! Because I will have given my daughter the gift of being challenged and coming out better for it! Will I do it again? HELL YEAH!!! Because what is life if we are trapped by our fears so much that we miss the incredible views and experiences – I wont ever bubble wrap my children (or myself) anymore because life happens at the other side of fear!


So…what is fear holding you back from?

You block your dream when you allow your fear to grow bigger than your faith.
– Mary Manin Morrissey

There are very few monsters who warrant the fear we have of them.
– Andre Gide

Fear is a darkroom where negatives develop.

So, first of all, let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself —nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance.Franklin D. Roosevelt – First Inaugural Address

Share your biggest fear…

Everybody Be AWESOME!!!



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