Ok so I have no visible abs at the moment but I now know that they are there but just “covered in layers of lifestyle” (thanks for the quote Ok so I have visible abs at the moment but I now know that they are there but just “covered in layers of lifestyle” (thanks for the quote Lisa)…and it is this amazing woman who is halping me find them and unveil them – dont worry I will be sure to send you all your invitations to their debut party!!!

I have got a few people that have been key on my thrill ride back to awesomeness and gorgeousness…my beautiful daughters, my omni-awesome hubz, my loveliest friends, the “haters” (coz the best revenge is a fabulous life lol), and my trainers (first part of my journey was Marcus from Live It Up Fitness on the Sunshine Coast), of course my Emazon experience, and the fabulous Lisa Curry.

I first met Lisa at a “burn the bunny” (chocolate…mmmm) free session at Alex Headland earlier this year (2012) but had already been chatting on fb. I had already come so so so far on my “thrill ride” and was now able to run a little, and do quite a bit more physically and cardiovascularly thanks to Marcus, and thought this session will be fabulous to try something new (and of course Miss Sheargold was responsible for making me get up at that awful time in the morning lol). I really enjoyed this novel experience and Lisa turned out to be a wonderfully supportive trainer who quietly understood my self limitations, fears and physical limitations and could still encourage me to push further with no pressure. Then when hubz lost his job and we risked having to move back to Brisbane we had to cut out some things and unfortunately that was my weekly pt sessions, boxing, physio and chiro šŸ˜¦ So when Lisa had a plan that was online, fit in with my now increased workload, and still gave me the little bit of support and networking I needed at a price that could be managed in our trim little budget I jumped at the chance – and so began the next step of the ride.


I had already had such significant results with Marcus and things had been slowing down a bit so a change really was as good as a holiday and the changes came thick and fast! Since starting Lisas program I lost kgs, cms +++, bad eating habits…and now love my new life, figure and abilities. Lisa has trained with a group of us a few times now and she has helped me overcome my fear of “dying on the hill before I reach over the hill” lol (much of that fear comes because I have a leaky heart valve, and one of my lungs doesnt always like inflating fully and I tend to become a bit oxygen starved). But now I have not just conquered Pt Cartwright Hill (dare you to go try run up that quiet beast!!!), but I am climbing mountains I never would have dreamed of – Mt Tinbeerwah, Wildhorse Mt, Mt Coolum, Mt Ngungun, and more recently beginning to tackle the summit climb at Mt Tibrogargan…and loving every bit of it!!!


So I recieved a message the other day from Lisa about something very cool and exciting coming up…another bootcamp on the Sunshine Coast!!! YAY!!! I missed her first one and will certainly be aiming to make as many of these as possible (around my hectic work schedule) and for any of you wondering if you could do this and be able to say “kiss my abs” too then go ahead – I DARE YOU!!! You will never regret doing something that ensures your health and vitality well into you awesome future!!! Now for those who are interested the Bootcamp will start on Sept 4, 2012 and I will share some info on here when it is realeased tomorrow and you can also follow Lisa on facebook http://www.facebook.com/#!/lisacurry10WKC

For those of you who are not nearby you can still be involved by joining up to Lisas 10 week KISS program by going to www.lisacurry.com signing up.

I have also been lucky to meet some amazing women through this group too…love ya chicks x Might see you soon eh?


Everybody Be Awesome! TAM šŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “GO ON LISA CURRY…KISS MY ABS!!!

    • Thankyou Fearlissa …and I am truly blessed to have met you on this ride…you are such a remarkable woman yourself and bring such sparkle to life that I must keep you around…lol…gotta keep the glitter glowing! Oh and you make me laugh!

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