Ok so we all get gifted the same amount of time each day – 24 hours…so why do some people seem to fit so much in theirs and others not?

Well I cant say for anyone else  but for me I prioritise and just move in the direction I want to be.  Quite easily I could traade a few hours of mine sitting on the couch watching movies but this world is HUGE!!!

So instead, today I:

+Ran for amost an hour with amazing people…inc my fam
+watched the sun rise
+enjoyed brekfast with my family
+put in a few hard yakka hours with school
+laughed my butt off with a friend
+set some goals
+smashed some goals
…all becore midday…now I will
+visit family
+climb a mountain
+walk my dog
+visit more family

Ohhhhh…but I was having a movie night! Tee hee hee…may have to fill you all in on tbe principle behind this  comment later!

What do you trade your 24 for?

Everybody Be AWESOME!


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