Stay tuned…content to be shared soon…but lets just say miss 12 is showing a lil bit of the green monster and is now changing the challenges – may the challenge begin!

Ok so let me start at the beginning…my Miss Loz is my greatest cheer squad, support crew, and fellow training buddy! She is adventurous, slightly competitive, and now that she is heading into her teen years she is becoming fiercely territorial in the heirarchy of estrogen in this household (not surprising considering there are 3 alpha women/young ladies in our house at the minimum at any given time).

So as her mother I have been a little cuddly – ok lovingly padded with emotion?! But now her mummy is shrinking – very quickly – before her eyes…and she is still growing!  As a 12 year old she still has a few years of growing left to do and she is already nearing my height of 175cm and already has a size 9/10 ladies shoe (hmmm think she might be a throw back from an ultra tall relative?). So what does this mean? It means that it is quite possible that mummy and daughter will eventually fit into the same clothes within the next 12 months!!! AHA!!! Green eyed monster revealed!!! She pouts out loud with outrageous disgust that her mummy might end up borrowing the occassional jacket or jeans and maybe even shoes – goodness forbid!!! So now she has challenged me to the first to have the best abs (oh dear I think this might end badly for me…I still have tiger stripes and wobbly bits…eeeekkkk!!!) Challenge on? Pffftttt!

But the green eyed monster doesnt stay mad for long…as it quickly realises that mummy also luuurrves Lorna Jane and being in the same size means more LJ to select from!!! Oh the unfairness of it all!!! Now mummy is shaking in daughters boots that her LJ stash will end up being stolen or stashed!!! Hahaha…thank goodness Miss Macca is only 5 and isnt any competition!!! LOL

So jealousy has been addressed…now for JUDGEMENTS!

So alot of people have said of this journey our family has been on (working some decent training into our life, going down the path of organic and packet free, climbing mountains and running races – not fast and no olympics) that we are:

“Crazy, obsessed, of our tree, asking for trouble, addicted, nuts, over the top, unfair to our kids, rediculous, stupid, and so on and so on….”

But these days listening to these judgements of our “healthy” and “life promoting” activities is more like hearing “BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH” LOL…I know I know I know…I used to say this about others when I was sitting on my couch eating chocolate and drinking coke whilst watching crap shows on tv (well anything was better than moving – gosh sweat? NO THANKYOU!!!) (oh and insert chocolate induced coma here lol).

But how lucky we are now to have met some like minded or like inspired people who say it is:

“Life-affirming, inspiring, amazing, dedicated, walking the talk, etc etc”

Really the only judgements I need listen to are my own – and trust me I am harsh enough on myself!!! Just ask me lol:)

Now to ADJUSTMENTS! Alot of people ask us how we went from couch potatoes to mountain goats?  Well all I can say is that we decided as a family that we wanted a life that honoured the gift we are given each day that some are not lucky enough to have – and that is really it! Because when you make a TRUE decision to do something you put into action real acheiveable steps that you can succeed at and just go for it! We set up our home and our time to nurture this and everything else fell into place – a decision is the first step to anything great!!! Our kids now enjoy our activities and prefer to eat wholesome food that doesnt make them want to wretch (ok so Miss 5 still has short term memory issues and still thinks macdonalds tastes good…which is why she is still overcome with disdain when we drive straight past it on the odd occassion she mentions it lol – but still throws a lily wobbly if mummy has failed to stock her brain snack box with snow peas?!)

We are adjusting better than I could have hoped…together as a family!

Everybody Be AWESOME!



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