I am a nurse – and I am one of the many that chose this industry to care, and to be holistic in the care I was providing.  Now to be holistic means to care for the total person – physical, emotional, spiritual, social and environmental…so obviously it has been recognised that all these aspects are key indicators of good health, and in fact it is the type of care we are taught to provide whilst still in university.  But since graduating university and working out in the “real” world (boy oh boy I could write a book just on my experiences in my graduate year – and certainly its on my agenda to do…a dummies guide if you will because that’s how you feel when you first start lol), I have realised that what I am in is far from what I thought I had signed up for.

I have come to the realisation that “the system” just wasn’t designed to provide holistic health to the extent that will make a significant lasting impact, and more scary than that is the fact that many of this systems “consumers” don’t have any idea regarding the potential for improvement there is in this system.  It appears that somewhere along the line we have given out power to the powers that be and tend to move along with whichever current is moving at the time – and often it is in the wrong direction.  Today there is so much “patch up and show the door” in healthcare, and not enough working with what we have.

There is just so much more to us than our symptoms – just as environment and conditions affect the helath of a plant, so does the environment and personal issues effect the health of us!  It is all related and unfortunately out “system” is not able to provide equal and unfragmented  care, and that accessing that total soluction is extrodinarily difficult.

So what do we do about it???

BE PROACTIVE!  Take control of your own self, your own body, your own choices! As someone once said:

If you don’t like where you are then move – you are not a tree!!!

Boy is that one a cracker!!! So true and kinda hits you like a zinger burger slap!!! But its so true and that is exactly what I did to change my life:

I didn’t like my lifestyle – so within a month of deciding we had quit our jobs, pulled our kids out of school and moved to a place an hour and a half away from the security of our support network to a place that we felt the happiest at – THE BEACH!!! Well we figured whats the worst that could happen? If we didn’t get jobs we could always move back…too bad so sad…but 18 months later we are still here and love every minute of living in our holiday destination.

I didn’t like being sick all the time – so I went to my GP and told him in no uncertain terms that I was tired of being patched up like a quilt and that I needed a solution to the cause…and that’s when he told me I needed a (natural) supplement to support my body to recover (from cancer, a thyroid condition, generalised anxiety disorder, and side effects of the cyst in my brain) and although I have to get it from overseas (legally) I haven’t looked back!

I was sick and tired of being fat – so I used the new found bit of health and energy I had found to get off my arse and do something about it! Initially I worked with an amazing trainer called Marcus from Live It Up Fitness, who started working with me to fix the structural problems that impacted my ability to exercise – hip flexors fixed, collapsed arches fixed, posture fixed…and a little confidence that exercise wont kill me restored (thank you Mr Muscle!). Then I worked with an amazing Chiropractor Matt and Physio Nikki from Absolute Health and Chiropractic to further assist with the skeletal problems (yes this cost me money but hey, I felt better and could work more and now my body behaves itself more). When my hubby lost his job I took what I learnt from these amazing people and kept it going, along with some nutrition and group support from Lisa Currys 10 Week Kiss program. (Read last blog post for my Emazon experience in this area).

I was unhappy in my job up here – so I quit!!! Yep I quit!!! I was getting sick, stressed and breaking out with eczma from it all – and I went on to work for an amazing company with amazing people – because I refuse to be unhappy for a third of my life!

Most of all though I got rid of my excuses…boy I was good at that!!! In an instant society many feel that being time poor allows them the excuse of being too busy for solving the core issues that result in bad helath.  I mean if we look at all our lifestyles we really are all (including me), guilty of using Father Times inadequacies as an excuse for our bad choices.  If we actually mapped out our day our account of our time would find that our excuses fall short of good enough.  I mean really the time it takes to sit in a “slow food” drive through, get home and eat that chemical laden food that is now colder than an iceblock and will probably have enough bacteria to take down a small army, you could have driven straight home and whipped up a nutritious meal in far less time without risking life and limb to fill up on a cardiologists retirement plan.  Now don’t think I haven’t perfected the use of these lame excuses – as a nurse, past uni student and experience as a single working mother I have had plenty of opportunities to try these beauties out.

But now I am taking back control of MY life and moving into a place where I am a product of my choices and I will be darned if I choose sickness, obesity, and a less than AWESOME life for myself or my children (more in later blogs as to how they have coped with these changes).


Everybody Be AWESOME



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