Nervous, apprehensive, confronted, out of my comfort zone, scared, exposed, unsure, unsteady, unworthy, anxious, uncomfortable…just a few words to describe how I felt heading into my very first Emazon experience – but hey, no one ever said that change and personal growth was comfortable, easy or a walk in the park, just that the view from the top is remarkable and worth it…so cup of concrete taken and in I went!!!


Some of you may ask – “Who is Emazon?” – well I cant really answer that because I am not Emazon (google if your keen), but boy did she pick me! Confronting is not a word apt enough to describe the feeling of someone looking straight into your core with the direct precision of a highly trained sniper!!!  This woman had me picked, and deep down could see what made me tick even though I couldnt – not because I didnt know myself – but because I had silenced “me” with all the worlds distractions, noise and expectations.

To try to explain the process of Emazons STAND YOUR GROUND 3 hour experience (and I call it experience because it was more than a session – more like a transformation of mind that you undergo – nope still cant do it justice!) does not afford it the justice it deserves. What I do know however is that not only will I be doing it again for further growth, but through monsoon, blizzard or heatwave I will be ensuring that I give my two precious daughters the gift of empowerment, self belief/respect and the surity that she can acheivve far beyond what her mind can concieve (in fact if either of them miss Emazons visit to the coast I will fly them to Sydney as my gift to their future if I have to work day and night to make it happen – because if it has such an effect on me how greater effect can it have on such young precious minds with the capability of changing the world we live in)!  I truly do believe that every woman on the planet should experience this and take back the parts of us we have given away or those parts that have been down-trodden or stolen without our consent at a young age.


What I can take from the proverbial boxing ring however is what I have learnt so far (and believe me when I say that, daily I am having significant AHA!!! moments post this experience), and I will share it in the attempt to share a sparkle of hope to those who need it that life can be exceptional when we have the tools and the know-how.

Below are some quotes from Emazons Syg Intro Vid and I have used them in order to clarify where my head is now since this experience as best I can.

“A change is coming – soon the term weightloss will be forgotten”

No longer am I going to be stuck on the term weightloss and its treadmill – no longer will you see me focus on numbers and measurements – because you see it really isnt about weightloss but more about shedding and binning the “layers of lifestyle” (quote thanks to Lisa Curry but more about that gorgeous gem in later blogs), and the layers of emotional baggage.  Its about SHEDDING the old me and revealing the totality of this authentic RED self! In fact I have already moved into this safe zone now as I have put away the scales, tape measures and hrm with the express purpose of listening to this woman who inately knows what is good and numbers no longer serve to take me closer to FREEDOM or LOVE – they keep me trapped a merry-go-round of guilt, worry and stress.


^^^Last pic on a scale^^^

“It will not be long before the reflection in the mirror is all you want to see…”

I have learnt that actually I AM ok, enough, more than enough, uniquely designed, individual, capable etc etc and guess what?!?!?…I LOVE ME!!! (ok I am still practising the application of this one).

“When those who pick on you will be silenced…..and self abuse will just be a faded memory…..soon you will be stronger that your adddictions…..and peoples judgements of you will go unheard”

I started some of this process a while ago giving up a drawn out smoking addiction, and fast food addiction (wow – I said it!), but I learnt that it is ok to STAND YOUR GROUND against self abuse, abuse of other, and against the judgements of all…and mostly I have learnt that I AM BETTER THAN THE NOISE AND DISTRACTIONS – MY RED WOMAN HAS GOT THIS!

“There is a change coming within you – but are you ready to STAND YOUR GROUND???”

Well…am I ready?      HELL YEAH!!!

Did I learn to stand my ground?     HELL YEAH!!!

When the S*$T! hits the fan what will happen?  I WILL STAND!!!

Am I done?   NO! (After all – we are all like artwork…never truly finished but AWESOME and perfect all the same!)


So how did I feel when I walked out of this experience? I felt safe, empowered, strong, capable, in my element, renewed, fired up, and most of all – AWESOME!!! May all of you find your voice also.

Everybody Be AWESOME!

Tam 🙂



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