So….Infinite Balance…the term alone probably makes most people want to giggle with the sheer thought of impossibility of it, or voice a great big “PFFFFTTTT!” – and I get it…I really do!

The term “BALANCE” means to have an even distribution that allows a steady state, or a position of equillibrium that prevents failure of a steady state. And “INFINITE” well that just seems like an impossible dream – I mean limitless, endless and impossible to measure is a pretty significant thing isnt it???  I however choose to view it differently – because these terms are quite relative to each individual. What allows me to feel “steady” or in a state of equillibrium is far different to everyone else, as is our interpretation of the term infinite.

The following is something I wrote a while ago when I started thinking about “INFINITE BALANCE” and developing a business plan for a venture (or professional passion) I have been stewing over for the past 18 months:

When we think of balance many of us have visions of Mother Justice and her scales. And really it is quite apt when talking about balancing our lives. And personally I think the reason for that is that so many of us (and yes I have been guilty of this and probably will be again if I am human) look at the grass in other peoples gardens and inwardly stomp our feet at the unfairness of it all – eg. “ITS NOT FAIR – stay at home mums have it easy, they get to play with their kids all day while I have to work!!!” And then on the other side we have a similar stomping of the feet – “ITS NOT FAIR – working mothers have the life! They get to be someone other than mummy all day while someone looks after their children!!!”. Now I know not everyone thinks that way (cancel lynchmob please lol), but as a mummy who has worn all types of hats I get it in many senses

           – AT HOME MUMMY complete with vomit soaked shirt, housework that seems never ending, and the ability to sing wiggles in soprano whilst dancing to Barneys “I love you” – in the middle of Coles hahaha.

           – WORKING MUMMY complete with years of pent up material for even the best psychologist (insert guilt trip here – missed yet another special event due to work commitments), experience with the looks from the (few) mothers that think I should be at everything because after all I am the mother, and a washing pile with a higher altitude than most of the mountains I climb.

            -SINGLE MUMMY both working and at home with the ablility to wear even more hats as I try to juggle being everything this precious little being needs and wants me to be whilst presenting the world with this omni-awesome woman who can do it all (LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE – YOU DIDNT BRUSH YOUR HAIR TODAY – WILL ANYONE NOTICE?)

             -PARTNERED MUMMY and although I cant say that this hat feels better than any of the other hats it certainly is comfier – at times – ok not when man flu hits coz then you have just added another child to the brood lol (Mr Omni-Awesome is rarely sick so phew not a common occurance), but that is still another human being – love of your life – that requires more of you.


So now I like to see it less in terms of fairness or unfairness and more like a juggling clown – pardon the reference to circus characters but have you met my children? dramatic like their mother (insert bow and pull flowers from sleeve) ha ha ha.


The key to balance is all about embracing your own personal juggling act – some people just juggle different things. Neither is easier or more difficult – its just different. We dont have to ever be out of balance like scales, we can instead learn to judge how many things we can each juggle without one falling or without losing your clown face and clown joy.


From my own personal life experience balance is all about knowing what works for you and appreciating the grass in your own garden 🙂


So when looking at infinite balance I dont think I see it as a far away unattainable thing, just a work in progress each and every day. I started to look at achieving infinite balance in my own life when everything was crashing around me – I had given up in a sense on what I now know is possible and given my power to everyone and everything else around me and forgot that this was my act, my performance, my story, my life. May you also find the infinite balance in your life as I find it in mine.

Everybody Be AWESOME! 🙂





    • Can you post a link to your blog? So I can click from WP…trying to find and follow from here, and can I post a review on mine about yours so people link to yours too if they want to – you have awesome stuff on yours. Why do you need to up the anti? Yours is pretty awesome too.

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