Forever, Love Forever

Well here we are at my very first awesome post…hmmm…I think some introductions are in order. A “meet the family” moment (well they are the most precious part of my life after all).

Family: Fellow humans that are related by either blood, love, respect or general craziness, who do their best everyday to show they love you through their actions eg. drive you to the funny farm, send you on a holiday in crazyville, bless you with daily annoyances, eat your house and home (or your chocolate!), encourage you to do wild things for the amusement of the rest of the pack…and generally love you to the ends of the earth and back πŸ˜‰

Meet Tam (me):

Devoted wife and mother, passionate nurse, determined and highly stubborn, and more recently extremely daring! I have spent the past 10+ years sick, sick, sick until just over a year ago a health professional introduced me to a supplement that changed my life – no more sickness, vitality and energy restored, clear mind – amazing! Then because I felt better I did better! Now today 30+ kgs shed, cancer free, healthy and fit, my life is beginning to sparkle.

Meet Kev – The Husband:

Mr Right, Mr Amazing, Mr Everything I Had Ever Prayed And Wished For, Mr Omni-Awesome! This man of my dreams I met in 2005 and blissfully married in 2008 and though everything life has thrown at us we are still strong and still in love. This amazing man is everything a girl could wish for – trains beside me, cries with me, comforts me, cherishes his daughters, and most of all shines a light in the lives of those around him. I love him x.

Meet Miss Loz:

Highly determined, stubborn young lass with fire in her heart and a passion for the underdog – this daughter of mine would move mountains with her bare hands if it promised to help another human being no matter who they were.Β  And she has had her fair share of turmoil in her 12 yrs including emotional hurt, deaths of loved ones and enough time under medical care to warrant a share portfolio – and still she stands strong and graces my world with her beautiful presence. I love her x.

Meet Miss Macca:

My little firecracker – this daughter of mine could light up New York on New Years Eve! Her vibrant energy and spark is enough to leave even the fittest athlete gasping for air! But thats ok – this energy leaves glitter and sparkle in her wake and threatens to lighten what can sometimes be a dark dark world – a world she only sees as amazing and wonderful. And wit! Boy does she have wit! Careful what you say – she will either melt your heart or have you on the floor in stitches – this I experience everyday.Β I love her x.

Meet Bella Boo:

My poochy! My little fluff-ball that seems to be powered by energiser! Bichoodle in looks, Bichoodle in nature – greeting us at the door each day she jumps in leaps and bounds as if she were a circus performer…all she needs is a tutu! Only 2 years old and full of life and love. I love her x.

I am lucky to be blessed with such an amazing family – which includes my amazing friends – and I wouldnt trade any of them for all the tea at Lipton!


Well that is us – pleased to meet you!

Everybody be AWESOME

Tam πŸ˜‰


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